Crystal Part3- Hunter meets Huntress.Mature


"Your father is waiting." Trixie words made me jump; I blinked in the window and stood up facing Trixie. "I'm sorry if what I told you upset you."

"No it's not that. Let's go and get this over with." I sighed.

Damien hand was warm and reassuring; he kept glancing over my status afraid that I would fall down at any moment. Lucas was behind me talking to one of the vampire guards that escorted us down to the basement, where my father we being held. Trixie was up front again talking to the other guard who was a shape shifter, which was a surprise as many shape shifters kept themselves to themselves.

"How long do I have with him then?" I asked cutting into everyone's conversation.

Trixie turned to me and said. "Depends on you. He only wants you Crystal, why I do not know." She turned back round and carried on down the dark steps.

"Are you worried?" Damien whispered in my ear.

"Are you?" I replied not looking at him.

"I asked first." I smiled and hip bumped him.

Finally we came to some light up a-head and a werewolf in his human form was sat near a sturdy looking door. He nodded to the guards and bowed to Trixie then fixed his eyes to Lucas.

"Back again Mr Daggerson." He asked.

"Not on pleasure believe me." Lucas smiled to the werewolf, the werewolf smiled back.

His hazel eyes met mine and his smile grows. "Crystal. You've come at last, this should be interesting."

I locked my midnight blue eyes with this mutt and smiled back wickedly stepping forward.

"Your brother Jason might have finally grown out of his mad puppy stage, shame you can't follow by example." I pushed him back against the chair and went over to the door.

"Crystal what do you think that you are doing?!"

"You little brat!"

"Hey don't you dare call her that!"

"Shut it you tainted Angel."

"Wait for us Crystal!"

I was ignoring everything and everyone for good reason. A row had broken out and I was able to slip in the door without anyone seeing me.

"Was that your diversion Lady Crystal? Smart." Trixie thought to me I looked round the corridor expecting to see her. But nothing but dim candle lights along the black bricked walls.

I always have a trick up my sleeve.

I picked at the lock to his door, then quietly opening it then I walked in shutting the door shut after me. The room was dark the only light came from the side light by the bed. Staying in the darkness my eyes darted around the room, something was amiss about the bed. Shouldn't he be lying in it? Holding my breath I stepped forward an inch.

I caught the scent moments before I fell to the floor. The scent was on top of me shrugging; I slung it off and lunged back at it snarling. It missed my attack and grabbed my hair slamming me back down. He was good I'll give him that for a human and vampire hunter he was good.

"Back down." He barked at me. But I didn't listen to him which he of all people should have known. "Hard way it is." My canines turned into fangs, I saw my chance at his throat but his body came down on me again restraining me from moving.

I snapped my head up baring my fangs still growling and snarling. Then I felt the blade at the base of my throat.

"Think you can turn the snarling and growling off? And maybe retract the fangs?" He asked sounding impatience.

"I'm not you little girl anymore." I growled glaring into his deep brown eyes.

"But you're still my daughter."






The End

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