Tonight was a full moon and the stars were glistening in the sky, there were no clouds  to hide to blinding lights. I sat on the roof gazing up at them in awe. I envied them they were able to shine so brightly. Like fire flys trapped in a Spiders web.

I pulled out my locket gazing down at it the two photos meant the world to me, a new one now Mazany. I missed him but I had to stay strong. I could feel it inside me tighting wanting to come out. I wanted to scream, I wanted to break everything withing sight. Most of all I wanted revanged I wanted to Kill Her. She always hated my mum and most of all Me. Why I do not know, maybe because I posses the powers of both my parents and if I was able to master them. I would be as strong as Benjamin.

But next to other vampires I am small and dainty, they look at me as if I am a china doll. Pretty but fragile one wrong move it will shatter like a Crystal Glass. But I wasnt just a fragile doll any more I am than that. I can be reckless, I am strong, indepentant and most of all I will not faulter until I have what I desire.

People would call that being stubborn, arrogent, or childish and if so I am all three. she took away all that I wanted. A loveing Mother, and a fox that treated me as equal. He was MY fox and she had no right to take him away from me.

I looked down to see Lapin with some other Phoniex, it surprised me he lied to me who he was. But he was able to mask his emotions, this irrated me and just as I stood up. He gazed up at me bowing to me and walked away. I jumped off the roof lanind softly on the ground behind him.

"Hold it" I said in a deadly tone. He stopped and turned around titling his head to one side.

"Hmmm Midnight didnt you ever get taught Manners?" He asked

I walked towards him slowly "Yes but I chose to ignore them why should I follow rules when nobody else does hmmm You certianly dont isnt History Class your missing  now ?"

He walked around me as I stayed very still "Midnight High Pureblood vampire, you do not know who you are dealing with. I am much stronger than all your friends put togethor. If I wanted to I could Kill you right now and no-one would care" He tone was deadly, cold and everyone I somehow knew was true.

I whipped round to face him "Yes you could, but if you wanted to kill anyone you would have done it already. Why did you come to my school. You know something about Mazany because you act just like him. Maybe not on purpose So you better Speack Up Rabbit boy because I am losing my patience" I hissed at him.

I felt someone hand on my shoulder " bout time someone put that nut brain in his place" Zuire cooed

Lapin laughed "Nice to see you too Nauture, it is time for you two come with me"

I looked at Zuri shocked and scared she she smiled and nodded reasuring me it was going to be ok. But something told me otherwise.

The End

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