Crystal Part2-Past.Truth.Mature


"Can we talk?" My voice was low but Trixie heard me and nodded gesturing me to follow her. "Alone." I said seeing Lucas start to walk. "Please." Damien hand grabbed my wrist I didn't look at him, I couldn't I was feeling lost and confused.

"Crystal let me in please." Damien begged slightly running his thumb over my scared wrist.

"You can't protect me from everything Damien." When I started to walk again, Damien pulled and I spun round finding his lips.

"I know, but I'll do anything to keep you safe and not get hurt again." He whispered in my ear before letting me go.

"I'm guessing you've got some questions for me Crystal." Trixie smiled still scanning my body. "You really grown."

"Ok that's the first thing, how am I able to grow. Made vampires aren't meant to change. My hair grows for cries stake. I was 12 when it happened; I'm taller and other things." Waving my hands around my body and sighing.

"Take a sit Crystal." I walked over to the chair and Trixie sat in the one opposite me. "Trixie what is it, what do you know?"

"The question is what don't I know?" She replied her warm brown eyes locked with my own.

"Ok then. What don't you know?" I asked.

"Which vampire that Corvina bewitched into biting Catharine."

Corvina name wrapped round my body like a winters breeze. Corvina was responsible. I couldn't believe it, but then I could. She was evil. Darkness radiated off her. She had no heart.

"Many many years ago when I was a small pixie child, me and my older brother used to sneak out of our world and enter this world. But one day he got into trouble with father and I went on my own and I met a little girl." Trixie stopped and smiled like she was remembering meeting the little girl like it was yesterday. "Her hair was golden like the sun, tiny curls that bounced every time she moved her head. Cat like green eyes and her skin was soft creamy colour. I thought she was human and so did she."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"She was brought up by humans who didn't know about her true heritage. When we first met, I was crossing the river bank using the stones. But I slipped and fell. When I woke up I was lying on the grass and she was crouched next to me. She thought I was human too. But I was a very young, my wings hadn't developed yet." As she spoke of her wings they came to life and spared out. I smiled looking over her emerald glistening wings, they looked soo delicate.

"Everyday we used to met and play. In the autumn we played with the leaves, dancing, throwing the leaves at each other. In the winter we made snow angels. Make daisy chains in the spring flowers and in summer we used to jump in the sallow lake. Until one day everything changed." She looked away staring out the blackness of the night, she carried on as if I wasn't there hanging on her every word.

"She went to school after the summer and something happened. I didn't know what it was but it was bad. A few years passed, my wings came, things happened in my world. My father died and my mother married again and had a baby. My older brother left to but was killed. I felt different about everything. Like it didn't fit anymore. One night I remembered the little girl who saved me and I went back in this world after soo long."

"I could never find the little girl who would be older like me. I went back into my world but I was rejected. They said that I brought shame down on my family. My mother didn't even want to know me and wouldn't let me see my little brother ever again. So I ran. And found the little girl. Only she wasn't the same"

A knock at the door made me jump, I was too lost in Trixie story her passed. I wasn't too sure on who pixies age, I knew that it wasn't like a human something like every few years. Trixie stood up and talked to the person who knocked the door and the returned and carried on where she left off before I could ask what that was about.

"We were both still young children but older then before. She was different. Everything about her was different. She had powers. Her aura was tinted with blackness.-

"Her aura, you can see people's aura's?" I butted in.

"One of my powers yes, most pixies have powers. Like Zuri has." This caught me off guard a little. How did she know about Zuri? Trixie smiled reading my thoughts.

"Believe me I know of your friend Zuri. My brother even stopped seeing me when he had chance, he would use our connection to check up on me often and I to him." She informed me. "Anyway, I found out that the girl had a little secret about her real parents, or mother I suppose."

"What was it? What was her true heritage?"

"She was a witch. I found out the hard painful way. See she was mad at me after all of these years of not seeing me. I tired to explain but nothing would work. We fought but I was stronger. After that I didn't see her I found, werewolves, elves and vampires. Then a few more years later I found your mother bleeding in the car park near the woods."

"You. Found her?" I gasped.

"Yes, I saw it all happen but I couldn't do anything. I was trapped in the woods, something was blocking me and I blacked out. It was déjà Vu all over again."

"Because you blacked out?" But I knew that it wasn't the only reason. Trixie moved her head from side to side, taking deep breath and then saying.

"A girl with the golden sun hair and catlike green eyes was crouching next to me. Her tiny curls had grown and dropped out making her hair longer and wavy. Something evil lurked behind her deeper green eyes and her skin had lost the softness." Trixie closed her eyes for a few moments opening them again I saw the pain, anger mix together.

"She told me that she protected me from her mother. That she was the one to stop me from helping your mother. That her mother would have killed me for messing up her plans. She saved me."

"What was her name Trixie?" I asked but she ignored my question.

"She went and I've never seen her again. But she's out there somewhere. I found your mother the next day took her out of the hospital and brought her out to the woods where I was closer to the nature. It was hard and painful for both of us. You were born just as comet came over the sky and you opened your eyes and that was the first thing that you saw."

Tears building up behind my eyes, I knew what was coming next and I noticed that I was holding onto the chair soo hard my nails dug in.

"The necklace around you mother neck glowed and changed from amethyst purple to sapphire deep blue. She said;

"I will see you again my little Crystal." Then her necklace fell from her neck and glowed purple and it...disappeared." I gasped reaching for my mother's necklace that was around my own neck; I could feel its warmth and see it glow. "I had to compel your father mind. I had to give you back to him, even though I wanted to keep you. I had to feed you your mother blood."

"You. My. Mothers blood?"

"It was the only way to protect you. You had to feed from her. The vampire that attacked her was poised. I kept you for a year; your father agreed that it was best. But I had to give you back. You fed from me sometimes. The vampire gene needed blood and my pixie blood was better for you then human."

"Vampire gene!?" I shouted.

"Yes. As a child do you remember having a nanny?" She asked me.

"Lyn. She wasn't human?"

"No. Your father didn't know that though. But when she left you was 10 years old. A few weeks later you fed from human girl because you didn't know. Then I sent Lucas to you. He turned you into a vampire, but with my help Crystal and Lucas took care of you."

Surly I should be in shock, but I wasn't. My breathing was coming out steady, tears were falling though. "Does that mean I'm 17 years old?"

"18 years actually."

I looked at her trying to work it out but she answered it all for me;

"The comet passed over as your mother was dying. From what I can work out, she gave you her life or a life of hers. The comet made it happen." Trixie held my hand but I needed more, I pulled her into me and cried hard.

"Shh, it's ok Crystal. I need to tell you something else. Or carry on the message that someone has already given you." She pushed me away still holding my shoulders. "Lapin told you to me ready. Something is going to happen to you Crystal. I don't know what. But be ready.







The End

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