Jordan and Ben ElopeMature

I smiled at benjermin and steped though the portel.

When we got to the other side I saw we were at the end of a long drive looking up to a beautiful manchen.

I smiled at ben as he said `come on love` and pulled me by the hand.

We walked across the law that had fresh dew sitting apone it over to the bilding. Apone entering it was a whrle of confusheion. Everyone there was swarming around ben.

`mr. Night, welcome back ser`

`your room is ready`

`may I take your bags`

`is your lady guest going to be wall acomodated`

`the minister is ready any time you are`

`will thell be any guest`

`I`ve told you before, it`s just benjermin, alright sam... thank you shara... yes please jimmy... she`ll be fine I`m shere as soon as you get out of our faces` he laughed then said `I`ll go speak with the minister soon enough and no there are no more guest just us` and with that ben toke the bags from me placed them on the ground and pulled me away from the group.

`what do you think love`

`it`s operated by.....` I say thinking how to discribe the people it was such as at the school, there were many difrint types of us, I even think I saw a fallen angel.

Benjermin chuckeled `yes well my father baught this place for my mouther and she cant stand humens so`

`grashiouse what will she think of me then... why a whitch is barly anything... I never thought of that... why I`m only just a mage` I say floping down on a chare I hadent noticed us walking into a parler untell I was sitting.

`my mouther knows your a which she was disaponted it wasent midnight but she`s happy as long as I`m happy` he said sitting down beside me then turning to the tabel

`hello father` I looked up at the man standing there he looked nothing like benjermin, the hair was the same and his eyes were soft and light brown, unlike benjermins deap dark strong brown eyes. Benjermin seamed more broad and sharp then his father.

`hello son.... you must be jordan then.... jessalyna` he said with a bow of the head my mouth was handing open so I shut my jaw.

`hello Mr. Night` I say brealissly

`my father has every kind of degrey and certifacit to marry anyone... in any coustum language or saramoney they want` said ben.

`goddess` I mermer

`this will defrently be a first thought I must say.... and a whitch in the family too`

I blushed but he was smiling.

`I cant say you two dont look evenly preportioned to geather` I looked at ben who was laughing I didint get it.

`he means to say we sout eachother... you look like you belong with me`

`ohh` I say then giggled

`she is amusing` said his father and I asumed they had been talking about me.

`your mother will love her...`

`where is mum` asked ben looking around as if he exspected to see her.

`whaching the sun rise... I`ll never understand why you bouth like to do such things... but I`m shere it`s one of the reasons that your young ms jordan hear cares for you`

`how are we marrying you two... terditional`

`I`ll be marryed in the vampier custum.... if you want`

`what about the goddess` asked benjermin

`maybe I can conbin both... I`ll see you at sun set then... son... jordan` he said with a nodd to me.

Ben and me got to our feet and bowed our heads to him.

Benjermin toke my hand and lead me down the hall to a door which we walked out of. It was a breath taking sight.

`come lets go meat my mouther` I smiled and nodded. We walked along the beach to a chare sitting in the sand.

`hello benjermin... my she is beautiful` said his mouther benjermin got his sharpniss from her I could tell. She stude up long brown hair waved down her back.

`thank you` I say

`let me take in my daughter to be.... I always did want a girl` she said

`I was under the impreshion that midnight was the daughter you never had`

`hush now son... you really do have an eye for the girls... she will be a marvolice mother to my grand children`

I blsuhed and looked at ben wondering if he had told them yet.

`how far along are you dear` she asked that answerd that question.

`ohhh... finishing my firest trymester in a few more weeks`

`I see.` she gave benjermin a look

`why was I not told`

`because I thought it best to wait untell after we were arryed and I knew you would be dissaponted`

`oh ben` said his mouther.

`lets get inside the sun is hurting my eyes... I`m not use to it... and I can only imagen what it must do to you`

`yes dear` said ben leading me back inside as his mother spoke.

Benjermins mother spoke in a fast even stream of jabber that I toke hardly any notice too.

I fuggered since ben`s mother and father were to be there I might have my grandfather there as well. He portaled in at seven.

The caramony toke place at eaugh during the sun set we were by the ochen and the caramoney was short and sweet. My grandfather walked me down to the beach when he toke ben`s hand and huged him welcoming him into our family. Then we stude there and his father conducted the caramney at the end of which ben fisted kiss my neck saying `I thank the goddess for giving me you` before he kissed me gently on the lips.


The End

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