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How did he do it? How did he make me feel soo alive? My body responded to his touch, his voice and my heart felt like it was going to burst. We lay facing each other breathless. Never taking our eyes away from the other, never letting go of our hands and never having to say goodbye to each other...We were together and nothing could break us apart. Together we could make it through anything...I would never leave Damien to be alone...because I lo-

Both of us gasped at the same time. "What"? We both said at the same time.

"Damien, was you in my head then?"

"No, honestly I wasn't in your head. But I was thinking about you." Damien replied his wings moving slightly. "Like how I feel for you Crystal. It strange I've never really felt like this before."

I gasped again, I sat up holding the blanket over my bare body and curling up. Damien sat up he moved my long cherry red hair over my left shoulder and began kissing my scared shoulders. He knew that I liked it when he kissed my scars, I lent back into his chest titling my neck as he kissed it. Damien playfully kissed my face, his wings opened up and wrapped around us.


The dress was strapless and clung to the top part of my body, the bottom part ruffled out to my feet and a slit was made at the right side, showing my long legs off. It was deep sapphire and rich silk material. Ting diamonds went across the chest line and sparked in the sunlight.

As I walked along the sore the waves hid my footprints but didn't once touch me. My hair longer and deeper red then usual fell over my eyes blocking the sun from my eyes. That's when something struck me. I shouldn't be able to do this. The sun should weaken me; coursing me pain and this shouldn't be happening.

Suddenly, I heard the dissent sound and I followed it willing. As I got closer and big white brick house came into view. Lots of windows with thick curtains surrounding them and a balcony right at the top of the house. I was still standing in the soft golden sand, listening for that sound again and then I heard it. It made me smile and edge closer to the house. I blinked finding myself under a window and it seemed familiar to me. There was a tree close by to the window and there craved into the tree trunk were the names; ‘Zuri, Middy, Mazany, Jordan, Ben, Damien, A-


"Crystal wake up we're nearly here." Damien voice cut into my dream, his hand gently nudging me awake. But I was still in that sleep daze, trying to picture the tree with everybody's name on it, some names I didn't recognize and one name I didn't see but started with an ‘A'. Then the sound of a small child laugher wrapped itself round my head, like they were telling me a secret only they spoke so quietly I couldn't hear them.

"Crystal you waking up? Damien-

"I can hear you Lucas; sometimes you seem to forget what I am". Opening my eyes and looking into the review mirror, he caught my eye but something looked amiss in those eyes. "Thanks for waking me." I told Damien kissing him softly on the lips.

"Anytime." He said casually. "Always."

 "Now I'm not sure how much time you can have with him, but I'll be with you and two other guards." Lucas informed me, then looking to Damien. "You may come in as well but, it may be a problem."

"I'm not letting her out of my sight Lucas, not with him." Damien voice took on an edge, I could feel the tension in his body and his face set into hard lines. What's wrong with him?

"Hey it's ok; he can't hurt me Damien not anymore." I tried to comfort him, holding his hand a squeezing it. It took a few minutes for Damien to calm down and return the squeeze in my hand.

"He's be fine I won't let him hurt me." I thought to Damien pushing the thought as strongly as I could.

"We're here." Lucas broke into my head breaking whatever connection I had with Damien.


"Who are you here to see Mr Daggerson?" The elf asked Lucas giving me and Damien a hard look. He had short light brown hair and light blue eyes that looked too closely at you. "Who are these?"       

Damien took a step forward glaring at the elf, thankfully Lucas spoke, but the elf eyes were fixed with Damien.

"Very well. Follow me. You however are not allowed." His sharp eyes went to me and Damien.

"What you against fallen angels. In fact what is your problem? Huh?" I blurted out.

"He has no business here. He asked for you Miss Strom." The elf snapped.

"Actually it's Strom Daggerson. And Damien coming weather you like it or not, just go before I-

"That's quite enough!" My head snapped up to see a woman with long curly dark brown hair, small kind face with warm brown eyes. She was small and slim. But that wasn't the reason that I was staring at her with my mouth open because, there glowing behind her were a pair of emerald glistening wings.

"It's alright Theo, let them pass." The woman voice was gentle yet commanding at the same time.

"Yes Lady Trixie." The elf Theo stammered going back to his desk and pretending to be busying.

"Lady Trixie I am ever so sorry about this I apologize." Lucas stepped towards the woman; I couldn't work out what she was, although I felt like I should know. In fact as I studied her more, I felt as I knew her.

"There is no need Lucas. It is good to see you." She held her hand out towards him; Lucas took it and kissed her palm and bowing.

"You're a pixie." Then I put my hand over my mouth stopping anything else from coming out. Lucas brought his hand back to his sides and looked back at me.

Her eyes scanned over my body a few times and then she smiled. "Hmm. What else do you know about me child, your thoughts?"

I felt frozen and unable to speak, looking at Damien and Lucas I saw that they were puzzled too. Closing my eyes I tried to picture her somewhere else, her warm eyes what was it. Trixie, Trixie that name it was similar to. "Trix!" I opened my eyes to find Trixie watching me carefully. "I.I."

"You remember me Lady Crystal, I held you when you were born, you know me and I know you..."



The End

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