I was beginning to get anxious and decided to go to look for Zuri and Midnight myself,

Brother why try so hard, correct?

I ignored him and carried on down the hall, soon I was muttering to myself. I slowed and frowned slightly then smiled to myself,

"Ahh... Cousin has arrived," I changed the course I was heading in and made my way towards where I knew she was,

"Amazing how when I come there are not many far behind..." I was about to turn a corner when I heard,

"Hey!" I took a step back round the corner and looked back to see Zuri and Midnight giggling between themselves, Oh great, now I find them!

I look down the way I was walking then back and Zuri and Midnight,

"We need to talk to you, urgent matter," Midnight said as the moved over to where I was standing.

"Yeah, Floppy Ears," I gave Zuri a glare and could tell she was trying not to laugh.

"I was on my way to see a student who had just arrived," I said to them and moved down the hall, "Walk with me." Zuri and Midnight came up and walked beside me,

"How's it going in the B.T.W?" I blinked in confusion and replied,

"The what?" I gave Zuri a look, and apparently I was crazy.

You are brother, don't worry, correct? Al'Tijd snickered in my head,

Shut up, why are WE the opposite elements, you give me a headache.

Zuri gave me a look in return and sighed,

"The Black Twi-" I cut her off,

"Sh!" I still had to at least pretend! Zuri rolled her eyes and Midnight and I huffed,

I looked down the corridor and saw a flash of red hair!

"Rosebush!" I yelled, she looked at me surprised,

"Welcome to Night World Acadamy, cousin. My name's Lapin." I gave her a cool stare and she nodded slightly in understanding.

Zuri spoke up and said, "And we are Zuri Brook and Midnight. Little Moon is a Prefect here."

I noticed how Rosebush tensed slightly and also noticed that another cousin was now circling above the school,

Brother, if you have done something you are so going to pay.

I did nothing, correct?

You better hope so otherwise that will be your last correct!

He didn't reply and I felt my mouth tug into a smile slightly, the others had been talking and I perked up saying,

"Perhaps a fellow Phoenix should show you around?"

"Oh, no you don't, Floppy Ears!" Zuri exclaimed, folding her arm's, Oh no.

"Yes, there's time for that later and in any case if anyone is going to show her around it'll be me," Midnight insisted firmly. Zuri grabbed my arm and began dragging me down the corridor, I tried to give Rosebush a desperate look but she just smiled at me, Cousins!

"You can always talk to her later," Zuri told me. She stopped and looked at me, "Hey, are you OK? You're looking a little peaky."

"Those are the most concerned and unselfish words you have said to an Elemental Phoenix," I commented. Zuri gave me a glare; letting me know she really didn't appreciate my joke and that she was waiting for the explanation.

I sighed and explained very quickly about how I had never left the Black Twilight World for so long. We made an arrangement. I took us back to Middy and Rosebush. They were walking round the school and I took over the tour while Zuri took Midnight away.

I turned to Rosebush and gave her puzzled look,

"So how come you're here Cousin? And how come another has come too?" Rosebush looked at me surprised,

"What do you mean?"

"The one who's circling above us." Rosebush frowned and I felt her scan out for the other presence, I waved a hand,

"Anyway that doesn't matter, what time brings you here and such a dark time?"

"I came here to learn, don't you remember? We lower Phoenix's have to study with other creatures before we can stand before you." I snorted and replied,

"Come now cousin, no need for that, here I am just another student. Also I'm going to be leaving soon, however before I do I would like to talk to both you and the other Phoenix here. I'm sure you can arrange that?" Rosebush looked at me slightly nervous,

"Of course Alpha."

"Ugh, how I hate that name." I muttered,

"I'm sorry?" Rosebush said looking at me confused,

"Never mind, we welcome you Rosebush of the Elemental branch." I lowered my head and Rosebush did the same, only slightly deeper.

"I am sure you will have a most... interesting time here." I smiled at Rosebush and then made my way to where I had planned to meet Zuri and Midnight, we would have to talk later.

The End

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