Rosebush felt alot better. She'd been shown around, and met a cousion Pheonix. Maybe even a friend. She twisted her finger around her hair in the dormetry. what type of name is Al'leako! She thought rudely. She shook her head. Of course. The Pheonix's that guard the earth. She was unpacking when she felt a very odd vibe from a few rooms away.

Sighing and trying to ignore it, she reached out her hand to her necklace. She touched Air, and courage came to her in a quick flow.

She decided she should probaly go see Al'Leako. She still had questions about Damien. Why so fake?

She sensed something odd about the school, as if some force was at work.

Rosebush sighed again, and touched Fire for power.

"Hello Cousion!" Had been Al'Leakos words. Maybe he could spread light on the school.

The End

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