When I knew crystal had gone I though off the towel she had placed over my eyes and tock out my poshes.

One for my migran

one for my eyes

one for my brused and battered body.

Goddess I hated vishions of the fucher they always made me battered and brused.

On the three ochashions I had vishions I had such bad seashers that I had brocken my arm, and brused and battered my body.

I tock out my family spell book and opened it up looking at the pichers.


grandma and grandpa

mum and grandpa holding me.

Most pichers were from before my mum had died. I had a few that were even before my grandmother died.

There were a lot of my grandpa and my mum.

I had three that my dad was in including my mum`s widding pichers.

I stared at my mum in her elegent dress and noticed the smile apone her face it looked..... fake.

Her eyes held pain and confushion, anger and disapontmint... I saw no love my mum was staring at the candmra holding my fahters hands he hadent even pretended to smile. His face was tont and angrey, he seamed to glare almost.

I closed my eyes and let myself drift into the past. I let the vishions flot through my brain wasing away crystals death. How many people had to die for the world to keep turning.

A knock came from the door and then it opened.

`hello ben` I say as he walked over to me.

`whats wrong`

`a vishion that seams to disstress me... it`s nothing really love` I say he leand over the bed and kissed me deeply. He half lay half sat down on the bed beside me as he offten did.

`I know when your lieing to me... I guess this would be a good time to talk about this` he put a hand to my stumic I looked at him.

`crystal` I say angraly.

`what... no love... hard not for me to tell, I saw a change in you over the weeks, you protect yourself more, you try not to get involved in physical fights. Didint hurt that I can see into your mind eather.... now... whats this that is distressing you my love`

`I cant... I promiced crystal`

`whats this about crystal.`

`I cant tell you she has too` I say looking away.


`ben please you`ll know soon ehough` I say `lets talk about something happyer... like the baby or the wedding`

`alright love... I respect that you made a promice and are going to keep it... so I still say spring`

`I told you I dont want to wait that long... goddess I would tomarow if I could`

`who says we cant` said ben with a smile.

`wedding dress tux, curch, my family, your family, our friends` I say giving him resons.

`why cant it just be you and me... this isint about any of them... come on elope with me... it will be... romantic` I blushed and tryed not to grin.

Ben wasent an insain romantic person, shere he had his sudden sperts of romanticniss... but still the thought of it made me embaressed.

Then my eyes fell back to my mums wedding picher. He grined at me and lefted my face so I was looking at him.

His lips tickeled agest mine when we pulled apart I showed him the picher.

`my mums wedding day...`

`she smiles... but she dosent look happy` he observed.

`she was forced by the concel to marry him`

`ahh that caoncel` said ben and burryed his head in my sholder. I giggeled remembering the ocashions over the weeks and the grewling proces that had take place before the concel had concented to let our worlds murge in a truce. Benjermin and mine wedding was going to be a murging of our worlds.

We would be the first legal and exsepted vampier, witch couple.

I kissed ben again and then said `deal with it... thats part of the deal you know... my world and your world murging... so there for you`ll have to go to all of the concel meatings... because you`ll be part of the concel`

`so will you love`

`dont remind me I`ve bin runing from it since I wa thirteen` I tell him. He smiled.

`so why not elope with me` he asked changing the subject back to the wedding I laughed at the though and burryed my head in the cruck of his neck kissing it.

`you know how rediculiss it even sounds`

`yea I do... think about it jordan... your going to be the first person in your family to marry the person they love... you will be the first person in your world to merge with the vampier world because you chose it... so lets brush off all that stress... just marry me` he says.

`thats not true my grandpa was crazy about my grandma, they were over the top in love`

`but were they soulmates` I bowed my head


`exsactly and we are... so come on then just marry me` he said I kissed him long and heard

when I pulled back I said `fine but if thats how it`s going to be... now`


I nodded `now` I tock out my poshions case and unziped it I played with the botals untell I got to the portal.

`where she`ll it be Vagus... china... Austalya... where?` I dangeled the small and yet powerful portel in fourn of his face.

he tock the bodal from me.

`how about England`

`England` I say rolling my eyes.

`theres this place I`ve gone Angels' Watch Inn, it`s beautful there... you would look lovely in the riseing sun` I blushed.

`one moment... I have a dress that I think would be wonderful` I tell him I run off to the closet and opened it taking out a bag on a hanger. Takeing it to the bathroom. I changed I looked at myself in the mear with a smile. I let my hair lose in the frunt and the back in a bun then put the vail on and then a rose in my bun. I walked back into the room.

`wooow` breathed ben I blushed as he got up.

`you better have a tux in your room` I tell him.

`dont worry I do` he said

he ran off and when he was back he had a bag and his tux he changed.

`wow` I say staring at him in the black tux he looked like the most beautful amaing person I had ever seen.

`you clean up good` I say he laughed and it made my heart sore.

`two more things` I say `I have to pack... and who are we going to get marryed by`

`I know someone...` said ben with a smile.

I packed fast and then wispered the words to the portal it opened and we steped though.

The End

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