My cheeked burned from the impact of Crystals hand I was shocked that she slapped be, but pleased she did to snap me aout of the trance I was under. I could sense Crystals discomfort  was making my thraught burn. "Erm Guys I have to go now" Crystal blureted out and pratically ran away. I sighed leaning my head against the wall.

Zuirs confusion leaked off  her "Thirsty" I mutteres knowing this was the rxplaining needed. my head was spinning and could still feel the spell lingering in my mind making me feel off balance. Zuria placed a vial in my hand without thinking I swalloed it grimacing at the grusome taste it left in my mouth. No nothing could beat the taste of wamr fresh blood.

We walked around the grounds talking, things were slightly improving the pain the was logged in my heart will always be there no-one can remove that. But my friends were there for me and  I shouldnt have to put them under pressure. Besides I can hardly handle my emotions lately and that effacted my power. If I wasnt careful I could really hurt people.

"Of course, he might be in his own little world - literally, I mean," Zuri muttered normally I would have grinned and giggled but all I could twat try to smile and fail.

"How did you get me away from Corvina, by the way?" I asked and She grinned like she was insane

"Crystal pulled you away and knocked some sense into you once away from the room while I knocked Corvina out," She try to cover her amusment and failed as much as I did at smiling. When our little rabbit eared friend zoomed post.

Hey!"We both shouted at the same time which caused us giggleing. it sounded so strange to my ears to laugh and felt guitly. No I shouldnt be happy not without him my only happiness. Al'Leako froze and turned around slowly. He sighed.

"We need to talk to you," I static walking up to him head held high, "Urgent matter."

"Yeah, Floppy Ears,"Zuria tried to act serious. He shot her a quick glare.

"I was on my way to see a student who had just arrived," Al'Leako said, "Walk with me." So we joined him walking down the corridor.

"How's it going in the B.T.W.?" Zuir questioned confusing My self and Al'Leako

"The what?" He blurtet out.

"The Black Twi-" Zuri explained but he stopped her

"Sh!" Al'Leako hissed.She looked at and rolled her eyes.

I sensed an someone approach she was different like Al'Leako  I guessed it was the new student."Rosebush!" Al'Leako blruted out. She seemed a little flustered and her emotions were mixed. All theses mixed emotions were giving me a migrain.

"Welcome to Night World Academy, cousin," Al'Leako greeted her, "My name's Lapin." He seemed so formal and shocked me they were related..

"And we," XUri spoke up, "Are Zuri Brook and Midnight. Little Moon is a Prefect here."

"Ah, I've already met a Prefect," Rosebush replied hesitantly, shaking Zuri's hand.

"Damien?" I quiestioned my mouth quirked into a smile. Rosebush nodded meekly and Zuri laughed.

"Sorry," I Zuri, "He's not that bad but, to strangers, he can be a bit..."

"Perhaps a fellow Phoenix should show you around?" Al'Leako offered.

"Oh, no you don't, Floppy Ears!" She exclaimed.

"Yes, there's time for that later and in any case if anyone is going to show her around it'll be me," I  insisted firmly. I gave Zuir a sidelong look and she nodded and  grabbed Al'Leako's arm and began dragging him away.

I turned to Rose bush and Curtsied "Hello you already know my name but I am Midnight I am a Pure blood Vampire, I am also a Prefect if you need any help just as" I tried to smile but sighed and gived up.

We walked in silence and only spoke when pointing out things. "Im sorry about Damien well he can seem fake and rude at first"She luaghed at this I gues she did see the bad side of him. "But once you get to know him, he still a brocked boy inside" I sighed.

"Im Guessing Middnight many sad things have happened here I sense it in the air, pain" I sucked in a deep breathe to hold the tears back and nodded.

Zuira came and saved me just in time the tears stated flowing She guided well dragged me to my rooms.

"What's going on? What are we doing?" I crossed my arms demanding to know what was going on I didnt like not knowing.

"Packing," she answered, "We're going to the Black Twilight World to get the most confusing education ever. Trust me: I've been there, done this and gotten the T-Shirt."

I looked out of my window "No" was all I said calmly

"What" Exclaimed Zuri "little moon you have to come this is important we need to know the truth"

tears fell down as I fiffled with my hair "I need to stay with him. I cant leave him"

Zuri came and stood infront of me "Midnight Look at me Mazany Body is what you visit but I think this has something to with his Spirit please come with me I need you. Besides I would just drag you kicking and screaming" She grinned, I knew she was so I groaned and went to pack. Nervous about what lay ahead

The End

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