Rosebush walked inside. At first there was no-one there but then a boy walked towards here. Black wings? Black Hair? Crystal eyes. Dreamy. "Hello, my name is Damein. Very good to meet you. I am a fallen angel, and you are?" The boy shook her hand. Something about the way he acted seemed fake...very fake. Like he was acting. Her pheonix senses told her that much. "My name is...Rosebush. I'm an Elemental pheonix." She pulled her hand away. Damien's eyebrow flicked. "Yes. Ah we have another pheonix here. Lapin. Maybe i could introduce you." He still seemed fake. Rosebush didnt like fake people.Her question was...why was he fake. He had a quite tall build. She sighed her small feather was blowing but there was no wind. A very bad sign. Hmmm Thought Rosebush. His stare was a bit unerving. "Do you want me to show you round?" He asked kindly, but defently fake. She bit her lip. "Um...that would be nice. But where is the secutary?" His expression changed. His mouth went from smile to a straight line, his eyesbrows fell low, and he slinted his eyes. "Your coming with me." He spat. She shook her head. "No..where is the secutary?" Damien still looked angry. "Aw look. Her first minitue here and you've already left a bad impression. Im not telling you. Come with-" "No." She said firmly, breaking away from his grasp. She looked around. Where were the others! "Wheres this Lapin you speak of?" Rosebush asked. Maybe the company of another pheonix would make her feel calmer. "Not telling you that either!" He teased. She absolutely lost it. Her eyes turned red, and her gigantic wings sprouted. Damien didnt flinch. "Hmph. Ill be back." With that he left. Leaving Rosebush angry and alone.

The End

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