I picked up my bag slowly. I didnt know what they would think of me here. Okay so they may all be like me. But my eyes go red and i grow wings when im angry! I mean come-on.... I looked up at the building. Oooooo man. It was huge! Who would welcome me...a mermaid....a demon fox...a pixie...a dragon? What would be waiting for me! I stepped out of the cab. I couldn't fly here, it would of been restricted. I opened my bag and pulled out my form. But i couldnt get the courage to venture in just yet....I waited outisde as the cab drove off, and grabbed my element pendant. Air Is Courage, Water Is Beauty, Fire Is Power, Earth Is Determenation. I could never make sense of that. I stared up one more time at the building, My amber eyes searching. Ok...time to go in!


I do such short chapters! HELP MEEE WITH IDEAS! Um new here!

The End

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