"Black magic," I spat onto the ground, "Gives the worse taste in the world, I don't understand how Al'Drako could stand it all these years."

I turned round the corner, leading to the front of the school, and fell over Crystal. I spat grass out of my mouth and rolled over to see Crystal looking at me with red eyes. Her eyes flickered to my throat before she looked away. I sat up and caught her as she fell sideways,

"Crystal!" Crystal tried to push me away,

"I'm fine!" She snapped. I sighed and said,

"A lie is not worth telling if only a blind bird would believe it." Crystal glanced at me annoyed and said,

"Has anyone ever told you, you talk strangely, but at the same time..." She froze and went rigid. I frowned and huffed,

"Look, to be a straight as possible, don't lie to one who knows when people lie." I winked at her and helped her over to a bench. I pulled up my shirt sleeve and put it in front of her mouth,

"Here." Crystal flinched back and looked at me confused,

"What are you..."

"I would offer letting you have my neck but to be honest it would feel kind of awkward." Crystal pushed my arm away and shook her head,

"No, I don't want to drink from you."

"I don't know whether I should be offended by that!" I sighed and scratched my wrist carefully with my nail. I waved it under her nose,

"No vampire can resist the scent of Phoenix blood." I saw Crystals eyes flash and pushed my wrist up to her lips. I tried not to flinch as she bit into my flesh. I closed my eyes as Crystal fed off me, it was a strange sensation, not so much her draining my blood but she was almost borrowing my strength, all I knew was that it was a heck lot better then what the soul feeder did when she fed. I smiled to myself and sighed, slumping a bit on the bench. I tried to pull my wrist away, but Crystal held onto me tightly,

"Crystal... Crystal stop..." I whispered. I tried to pull my wrist away again but Crystal just snarled.

"Crystal..." I closed my eyes and concentrated, the next thing I knew I was leaning on the wall next to the bench, I placed a hand over my wrist and looked at Crystal out of the corner of my eye. For a moment she looked almost confused and then I noticed her eyes calm down and she noticed me leaning against the wall. I laughed to myself and said,

"You really shouldn't let yourself get so hungry..." I pushed myself up and went to sit back on the bench.

"Al'Leako..." I shook my head and said,

"Lapin's just fine please." A warning note crept into my voice and Crystal looked at me confused,

"Lapin... I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... I didn't want to... Are you ok?!" I raised my eyebrow and said,

"Really? Do you think the great Lapin would be downed by a mere feeding, do not worry Little Sapphire I am not hurt, we heal fast and do not require blood to survive but still... We do like to have blood." I smiled at her,

"What do you mean 'we'?" I tapped my head, indicating to my mind,

"You know who I am, and I'm sure Little Nature has told you about who I am," I smirked and spread my hands,

"There is much out there Little Sapphire, so much that you shall never see even when you look. You shall never see the world of Black Twilight or the moon that never is, the dreams that actually happen. The land that never lives. Little Sapphire, we are the ones who watch, we see everything yet never expose our knowledge. We know all about these worlds, we have our own powers. I can travel between the worlds, I can show you things that you wish to see... I can create new worlds." I paused and said the next thing carefully,

"To us... Corvina is nothing... She is not worth our time..." Crystal hissed and glared at me,

"What do you mean?! Do you mean you could have stopped her?!" I shook my head,

"We may see but are not allowed to enter. Our interference is a difficult contract, we may have been able to stop her but there is so much more out there that threatens this world more."

Crystal looked at me confused,

"There are some things out there that are more dangerous then Corvina or even Shadow when he was here. Do you understand? We lengthen ourselves from people and creatures for we have no ability to feel emotion, or at least it hinders us if we do." Crystal bit her lip,

"You say that you see everything that happens?" I nodded,

"Who is the girl I keep seeing?" I blinked and said,

"What do you mean?"

"I keep having visions about this girl..."

"Visions are basically dreams except you are conscious of what is happening... If you will allow me I will come with you on one of your visions?" Crystal nodded and said,

"I'll show you the one that I've had recently...." I nodded and placed my hands on either side of Crystals head and brought my forehead forward so that we were touching. The vision started almost straight away,


 A little girl with dark brown hair was walking along a black line in a grassy area. She followed the black line again and again. She stopped and walked into the middle and sat down bring her knees to her chest. Tears came down from her turquoise eyes and fell onto her cotton blue dress. Her dark brown hair was long enough to hide her face from the world, but she could hear the light padding of paws and she heard a voice that she recognized.

I glanced to where Crystal was standing beside me, she watched silently,

"Little Z, one can not hide away from those who love her. Has anyone ever told you that there's strength in your tears?"

The little girl looked up, and I was not surprised, seeing Mazany in his Kitsune form with nine tails!

"Has anyone ever told you talk strangely, but at the same time make sense?" She spoke boldly to him in her child like voice and I sensed Crystal smile slightly next to me.  

They both smile at each other and Mazany went over to her. The little girl looked at his nine tails reaching out to stroke them, but stopped. Mazany smiled and sat next to her.

"Little Z, your mother would be proud of you."

"You too fox boy." The little girl called him and then she snuggled against his fur and closed her eyes.


The scene faded away and soon we were standing in an empty blackness,

"Who is she Lapin?" I glanced around the emptiness,

"She? She is no one who you should know about yet."

"What do you mean?!" Crystal yelled at me,

"I mean that you should not know!" I snapped, I said more quietly,

"Little Sapphire, she is someone who comes later, someone who is important. I cannot tell you. Be ready... Crystal, I am soon going to leave and things will change."

I moved a hand in front of me and stepped through the tear I had created.

I was now standing back inside my bedroom.

Not long now Little One.

I sat down and waited for Zuri and Midnight to come.

Not long now...

The End

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