I lay in bed unabel to sleep, I put a hand to my stumic feeling sick... I got up and ran to the bathroom and through up.


I wiped my mouth and brushed my teath. I shighed I needed some fresh air. I changed and noticed my jeans didint fit properly I shighed and pulled on my gloves and sweater, I rubbed my stumic... pregnint.

It wasent I didint want the baby... I wanted this baby more then I had ever wante anything in my life, it wasent just my baby it was benjermin`s baby too. This baby was a peace of both of us.

I walked around the grounds and leand agest the tree by the lake side.

Then I had a head rush and cloapsed on the ground I felt my body shack benith me as I fadded away what the hell was going on.


where was I... in the middel of a field obviosly... but where was the field.... there was a strange mond of earth in the middel I walked around it... a pentagram... what is it with pentagrams finding me.

Just then three little kids with drak red hair zoomed past me. I was shocked and turnd around to see there parents shoting at them.

Benjermin and me walked across the field we looked older these kids were all so young the oldest probably five.

They were two little girls and a little boy they were all with in a year of eachother peobably but the little girls could have been twins also.

I saw the older me wave and breack free of benjermin who yelled

`jordan.... please dont run you`ll hurt yourself`

`I`m fin ben...` she giggled looking back just as she triped ben was at her... or rather my side in a second.

`you all right`

`I`m fine really... come on`

`the baby` he said puting a hand to her stumic she shewed him away geting to her feet and said `the baby will be fine.. look at the twins... remember how offten I fell with them...`

`how tarified you were`

`I still am` she said with a look at her or my or our oh I dont know the daughters.

just then I relised that the others were walking over to us. they met us, at the pentagram.

Damian was with a girl who looked like crystal but she was much to young and had dark brown hair insted of the red I have been acaustumed to.

Zuri out in the same derection as mazany and midnight who were cluching to eachother.

There was an air of loss and I wondered where crystal was.

The groups met in the center around the pentagram I felt as if I was tresspassing apone something sacred.

Alzena and Orlando soon joined us as we talked damian steped into the center and feel to his knees shacking. He put a hand to the ground and begain to cry the girl that looked like crystal but was not steped forward

`dad.` she wispered as she too feel to her knees, he wraped her in his arms crying. Finaly when he stoped crying he got to his feet and said.

`you kids just stay hear and play... were going to go talk` said Damian looked stronger but still hurt and sad. The girl nodded.

`I love you Aziza` he said and kissed her fourhead, she bit her lip. `I love you too dad` she said he smiled and let her hand slip though his, as he walked away.

Jordan brock free of benjermin again and ran to him.

`Damian` she said looking sad, as the others joined.

They were all slinit.

`I cant bare this anymore feel like I`m tresspassing` said the older me looking drawen and far away, as she crossed her arms across her chest.

`we need you jordan, you were hear that day like the rest of us` said Damian

`I think crystal hated me before she died` the older red head said I gasped.

Crystal was dead.

`dad... dad` yelled the girl

Damian Ran over to her as we all looked up.

`crystals necklass... where did you... crystal` he said as we turnd the kids all stude outside the pentagram looking scared. We ran over to them and looked up in the center of the pentagram where the kids had been playing was crystals ghostly form. She looked happy, yet held the air of pain.


The scene wavered and it was dark.

It was dark for a long time as I rested and the detals... Then there was light I shot up strat taking in a breath of Air.

`crystal` I say she was standing over me.

`crystal... I just had a vishion...`

`ya you do that`

`no... a vishion of the futcher...` I try to exsplane than

`your going to die.......`

The End

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