Zuri was right I should go and see my father; I was his only daughter, only family.  I did carry my mother's last name as well as Lucas's, I must still have his blood in me. I was a ‘black blood child' after all. Did that mean that I still had human blood in me? My scar tingled a little which I took as a yes to my question.

Could I tell her about my visions? But which? A. The little girl or B. The fire shaped pentagram and everyone lying looking dead. Corvina, Mazany and me in the middle of the pentagram. Or C. Everyone holding each other baring Damien who was in the middle So option A seemed like the safer choice at the moment.

 "Zuri... There's one more thing". My voice was barely above a whisper. She turned and gave me a questioning look through her golden green eyes.

"I keep having... visions. Of a little girl and... Damien. I don't quite understand them but... Damien looks... proud of the girl and happy but at the same time... sad and in pain. The girl... well she... she looks a little... like me." I told her the main facts I really didn't want to get into a lot of detail about it.

"I see," She said slowly as if she was taking it all in, "And I presume you don't want me to say anything to Damien or the others?" I shook my head thinking Damien shouldn't know about any of this yet, I heard Zuri sighed.

"OK, fair enough but if you have anymore visions, you will tell me, won't you?" I looked away thinking for a moment about my visions and Zuri. I wanted to keep her safe and everyone else. Looking at her again I nodded and she smiled at me. Neither of us spoke after that we were both sat there, my head rested on her shoulder breathing in her earthly sweet smell and her warm arm around my cold one.

I felt loved in that moment. Zuri had listened to me pour my heart out and helped me. That's friends are for Daughter. It was my mother's voice in my head, I was certain and her voice scents a warm glow around my cold body. Awakening my senses and helping me to think clearer then I had in ages. 

"Thanks, Zuri," I told her meaning my words. I pulled away from her and she smiled then her door knocked. Zuri got up and I got up to curious as to who it was.

 "Little Moon, what it is it?" Middy was standing at the door looking worried and something else that I couldn't pick up on.

"I think you'd better come with me, Zuri," Middy said urgently, "its Lapin - I mean Al'leako. Hurry!" Zuri quickly glanced at me, then without anymore discussion we ran down the corridors to my other favourite person office. Edward's. For some reason the closer we got to his office the more and more my scar was stinging slightly.

All three of us came to a stand still when we entered the office to see that Lapin or what did they call him Al'Leako? His name burned something inside of me, like it was important to me or would be important. Anyway, he wasn't there but Edward was of course, sitting behind his desk looking at his daughter. I glanced at Middy to see that she too was looking at her father, a quick look at Zuri to see why she had gone like a statue and then I felt my pentagram scar burning increase.

I gasped out touching my lower back, hearing her clacking laugh and then her voice cutting me like a knife as she spoke. "Crystal you really should get that checked out."

"Bite me bitch." I spat the words at Corvina; Zuri unfroze and pulled my elbow helping me to stand straight. She lowered her hand behind my back and whispered some strange anciently words to me like before. Her soothing words seemed to ease the pain making it bearable.

"Really as if I would want to taste your blood." Corvina turned her glaze onto Middy. "I would rather have a pureblood vampire."

"Girls what are you doing in here, you should be in class." Edward looked towards me and Zuri.

"Sir we're looking for someone." Zuri said.

"And he's not here, so we're be going now. So sorry to disturb you come on Middy, Zuri lets go." But looking a Middy I saw that she didn't hear me, her glaze was fixed on Corvina and she wasn't blinking.

"Middy, come on let's go." I repeated.

"You go Crystal, Zuri I'll be just fine with Corvina." Middy replied in a voice that was barely her own. I looked a Zuri who to had picked up on Middy tone.

"You wouldn't be looking for Lapin would you? Stay away from him, he can't be trusted don't listen to anything he says." Edward babbled to us. Okay what's going on with him?

"Back me up and follow my lead." Zuri spoke without moving her lips to me.

"Always got your back." I replied in the same tone.

Next thing you know, Zuri stood in front of Corvina and her hand balled up into a tight fist which struck out hitting Corvina in the face. It was soo fast that Corvina didn't have time to react, following Zuri lead I grabbed Middy pulling out of the office and away from Corvina gaze.

Zuri came running out and like before all three of us ran down the corridors. We stopped catching our breath and that's when I notice that Middy was still under Corvina ‘spell'.

"Sorry Middy I don't mean this but, it might help." I told Middy before slapping her across the face.

"Crystal what are you-

"First thing that entered my mind." I shrugged then I saw Middy's bright eyes blink and look around shock.

"What just happened?" Middy asked touching her face.

Me and Zuri looked at each other and then Zuri answered her question.

"We think that Corvina had  you her under her ‘spell' and maybe she was about to make you. Erm." Looking at me for support.

"There's something in her blood Middy, I don't know what but you can't drink from her no matter what."

"O'." Was all she said. All this talk of blood was making me thirsty, the last time I fed was at Jordan party with Damien and being this close to Zuri pixie blood and Middy pure vampire blood was not good.

"Erm guy's I have to go." Trying not to breath in there scent too much I turned to go leaving them with question looks on there faces.


I was walking aimlessly around the school grounds when I felt the pull of my vision coming on. Great I thought, trust me to have a vision after seeing Corvina. I sat on the grass that was near the front entrance of the school. Then as per usual my vision burled and I focused on my power. Surprise that it was the little girl, who I saw but she looked younger then she normally did.


 The little girl was walking along a black line in a grassy area. She followed the black line again and again. She stopped and walked into the middle and sat down bring her knees to her chest. Tears came down from her turquoise eyes and fell onto her cotton blue dress. Her dark brown hair was long enough to hide her face from the world, but she could hear the light padding of paws and she and I heard a voice that we both recognized.

"Little Z, one can not hide away from those who love her. Has anyone ever told you that there's strength in your tears?"

The little girl looked up and I gasped, seeing Mazany in his kitsune form with nine tails!

"Has anyone ever told you talk strangely, but at the same time make sense?" She spoke boldly to him in her child like voice and I was instantly felt proud of her.

They both smile at each other and Mazany went over to her. The little girl looked at his nine tails reaching out to stroke them, but stopped. Mazany smiled and sat next to her.

"Little Z, your mother would be proud of you."

"You too fox boy." The little girl called him my nickname that used to call him sometimes and then she snuggled against his fur and closed her eyes.


"Mazany." I whispered to myself.


The End

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