Time is nearly up... there are closer to figuring out who you really are.

I opened my eyes and hopped off the bed, I walked over to the window and gazed out at the darkened sky.

"Soon Little One, very soon. Just hold on a while longer." I sighed and turned my back to the window, I walked over to the door and opened it, I walked out but stopped and said,

"What is it Sebastian?" I heard someone shift behind me but I didn't bother to turn round and look at him.

"The headmaster would like to speak with you." I grimaced and glanced down the corridor to where I knew Zuri and Midnight were, Dammit I didn't have time for this.

I kept my voice neutral and said,

"Can it wait." It wasn't a question, Sebastian moved to stand in front of me, blocking my escape route.

"I'm afraid it can't... sir." I hissed at him and narrowed my eyes,

"It would be better for you to get out of my way. Now." Sebastian's facial expression didn't change as he replied coldly,

"Shall I take that as a threat?" I bit my tongue and said through gritted teeth,

"Of course not, one does what one is ordered to. But then again you do not order me, no one can order me so move out of my way." The next few seconds happened in a blur as Sebastian grabbed me and slammed me into the wall, twisting my arm behind my back.

"I suggest that you come with me now." I didn't say anything, Why don't you stop this brother... you have the power... Correct?  Murmured a voice in my head,

'Zuri was right, that is annoying.' I thought back annoyed,

You're letting emotions get the best of you, correct. Why do you hesitate to be rid of this minor pest?

I tutted and Sebastian pushed me harder against the wall. Neither of us said anything for awhile until I heard someone suddenly start clapping behind us,

"Now, now, there is no need for this."

"Edward... this is a dangerous game. You are just causing your situation to worsen."

"I don't trust you, I know that once you leave you'll come after me." I heard a note of hysterics in his voice.

"Don't be an idiot!! What business do we have in seeing the flow of a river become clogged?!"

Sebastian pulled me off the wall but made sure that my arms were still twisted behind me. Edward nodded for Sebastian to follow him. We walked down the corridor until we came to his office, once there Sebastian pushed me inside. He then led me to a chair positioned in front of his desk where he pushed me down into in and stood behind me.

Edward sat down behind the desk and placed his elbows on the table. Looking at me calmly,

"I cannot let you meddle deeper Al-" I hissed at him but Edward just laughed,

"Do not try to pretend, my daughter and her friend have already worked it out. Why bother anymore?"

"Why does the Earth continue to move? Because it has to. Edward we are watching, we are seeing, they are seeing what is going on now. We are not happy Edward, let me go now and we may let is pass."

Edward bit his thumb and snapped,

"MAY! I can't let you leave, I've worked too hard! If I have you, they can't do anything!" I laughed, Edward looked at me shocked, I didn't stop laughing, but when I did it was sharp and cold.

"We may be the same but we will not hesitate. We know that each of us would rather be ripped from this plane of existence then to be used to RUIN this world." Edward ignored me and narrowed his eyes,

"What do you mean this plane of existence?" I smiled and said,

"A plane of exsistance... You shall work it out one day, but," My voice became cold and I narrowed my eyes, "Do. Not. Get. In. My. Way. Leave now before I show you the reason the others warned you about me."

Edward hesitated before shaking his head,

"No! I'm not going to be destroyed by you!" Something caught my attention and I snapped my head to the bookshelf that sat to the left of me, on one of the shelves sat a raven.

"Corvina... Do you dare show yourself to us?" The raven looked at me before it hopped over to Edward's desk. I watched as it changed shape and in it place sat a women... Corvina...

"My, my, what a cute form you have, but then again you always did have the cutest forms." I stood up and covered my mouth,

"Ugh, you reek of the slime from black magic." Corvina chuckled and began to swing her legs of the edge of the table like a little child.

"Don't try to leave Al'leako, I've placed a barrier around this room that even you can't break." I narrowed my eyes as she said my name.

"I can easily leave Corvina, not even you know the full extent of my powers. I don't just control the different worlds... I can make them." With that I passed my hand out in front of me, a tear appeared in the air.

Corvina hissed at me and flung herself at me, but she hit Sebastian instead.

"Remember I control illusions Corvina. Pray that you do not meet me again." With that I stepped through the tear and closed it behind me. I now stood outside, the moon was high in the sky. My stomach heaved and I bent over the grass, I straightened up, wiping my mouth as I looked around me.

"The blanket of darkness still covers this school, one day very soon we shall have to do something about this."

The End

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