`are you jordan scare` asked a voice I turnd round

`yes you are... you look like her` the man who owened the voice was very tall with dark hair and lighter but taned skin. he had a sharp face and a square jaw, he was tall and musular.

he rememded me of someone for my past.

I looked into his deep cold gray eyes. he drifintly reminded me of someone but who.

I racted my brian. maybe it hadent even been someone I knew maybe it was just because I had seen so many people even if I hadent meat them, before. but something was in the back of my brian told me I almost knew him.

`who are you` I asked with narrode eyes

`I`m the brother of the vampier who killed your mother` my heart stoped for a moment as I procesed that then I could hear the blood punping my ears. 

`what?` I yell

`my brother drained your mother.... I have something to give you`

`what would that be... your life` I yelled at him. `what do you have that I could recive as paymet for her` I was angrey now holding myself in place 

`dont you see into people past... I was told... but if not I`ll have to tell you... not that your very likely to belive me with out seeing it happen`

I stared at him

`can you or can you not see the past`

`yes` he put a hand to my sholder

`kill them`

`both of them`

`yes I want them dead.... I want them out of the way... I want you to drain them`

`darin them ser`

`yes drain them dry kill them... are you stuped... I said I want them dead... that little girl is to atached and the women... we`ll I can marry someone else someone more powerful.`

`more powerful then merlins grand daughter`

`just get the job done and you`ll be payed`

`yes ser, master scare`

he turnd away from the man

`my name is no longer alexander scare it`s now shadow`

I gasped

`jordan scare this is from my borhter... he killed himself five and a half months ago... he said that he wanted me to give you that memory his last memory`

then the vampier was gone.

I wondered around amlissly mindlissly.

I felt a mind pocking though my head and saw crystal.

I walked swifly over to her. My anger bubbeling over. How dare she peruse my mind as if it were a magazeen, then I saw what she saw and was horafied and angrey at her.


after yelling at crystal and seeing her past. I felt bad, I knew how she felt, Not that she wouldent hate me forever.

I huffed and went off to my bed room.

I wasent going to forgive her and I knew she wouldent forgive me, and I wasent going to run to benjermin because it`s what she exspected of me.

and I was determened not to prove her right. I huffed pasing up and down the room.

"just like her father"

"I am not" I yell at the top of my voice and hit the wall.

I ponded on the wall, angraly, then fell onto my bed something crinkeled underneath me. I picked it up it was a letter I looked at it.

benjermens sleack cersough shone in black on the creamy white paper. I shighed and opened it.

dear jordan

I`m sorry I wasent there, I know you went though something, I know that you and crystal had some kinda fight. I`m sorry I couldent be there to help you, I have some very importent vampier high pureblood things to do. I couldent bring you with me, would have liked too, maybe it would have  saved you the greff your going though.

at the point I snorted and droped the letter I was to angrey to read his sweat words. he was so over baring. I got up and walked around the halls.

I saw crystal coming out of zuri`s room she saw me and turned her back on me.

`crystal` I say flowing her I didint stop untell I was outside her room, she locked me out.

`crystal` I say she opened the door.

`what` she hissed angraly.

`hit me`


`hit me.... just hit me you bitch` I say she smaced me across the face and I forced the new memory into her head. the memory the vampier had given me.

`oh come on that was barly anything hit me` she looked scared

`hit me crystal` she sluged me one dislocating my jaw.

`nice punch` I say

`I`ll see you around` I said and walked down the hall

`jordan` she said I looked back at her as I rubbed my jaw

`what the hell is wrong with you`

`I`m a fiery red head... I wanted to show you your not alone...I`ve delt with bullshit too... and as for your father... well mine is dead two times over and I still havent forgiven him... but I heard something from ben about your father dieing. and I`ll tell you this much... if I could ask mine one simpel questing... why... I would` she stared at me her jaw open slightly as I rubbed mine.

Then I truend and walked away pushing everything out of me, every emotion, every thought, every thing I pushed it all away.

The End

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