Again I found it strange that I ended up in the rose garden. There was something about that I was draw to. Every time I came here more rose buds would be in bloom, showing off there beauty and brightness in the world. My fingers were necklace; I could feel the warmth coming of the sapphire heart, feel the power that it held. What did spell binder really mean?

I sighed there was too much to think about lately. Like you father. What could be soo important? If he was going to be killed then what would he want of me? My senses picked up, hearing that someone was approaching, there scent filled the air. Damien. I could detect him even more now; I was still surprised about what happened last night when I fed off him. I guess that soul mate thing that Jordon was on about is true.

I sat up from the bench waiting for him to come in. I did think about hiding and jumping out at him, but it would bring back memories of that day. God there were too many bad days. Then Damien came into view and he wasn't alone. Orlando was with him which was shocking enough, but that wasn't the reason for my open mouth. They were carrying a piano. The same one from the music room.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked then having the joy of catching them of guard. They clearly didn't know that I was going to be here. Well that made three of us. Orlando was about to speak when Damien butted in.

"What us just you know, it's a lovely night, needed some air."

"I just bumped into Damien, quite literacy actually." Orlando supplied looking at Damien. Ok that I could believe that and the fact that there out here walking but that didn't explain the piano.

"And you just happened to be carrying the grand piano from the music room, yer I totally believe you two." I watched each of them carefully, who was going to crack first and I had a spurious feeling that Orlando had been dragged into helping Damien.

"What this piano? Huh well isn't it obvious?" Damien asked.

"Not from this angle." I replied. "What's going on Damien?"

"We're moving it." Damien said causally shrugging his shoulder.

"I'm not blind Damien I can see that." I snapped I was getting annoyed now, that anger wad flaring up again and I didn't like it.

"We're taking it out of the music room." Orlando said looking at Damien for support. O'so this was Damien idea, what a surprise.

"Again Orlando, I'm not blind." I turned my anger on him now. "Shouldn't you be marking homework, or finding Alzena for your midnight snack." Ok so that was a little harsh and I could see that it hit a nerve. His face hardened and I heard a snarl coming from his mouth.

"I could say the same to you, Crystal." Dam he was good and right. I growled then left them, leaving a message for Damien in my head. We will talk about this later!

Of course who should I come across but Jordan. As usual my pentagram scar tingled whenever she was near. It was different to when Corvina was near me, I was only now telling the differences-lucky me. Something was different about her though. She was lost in her own world and didn't spot me. Using my senses on her I tried working it out. Her scent was different, she was normally tripping over herself when she walked and there was something else.

Before I knew what I was doing my head reached for my sapphire necklace, my vision burled showing me quick glimpses. Her and Benjamin in the partly room. Hugging, her bedroom, her dress coming off and then Benjamin's coming off.

Suddenly, I was knocked out of pictures and back into realty.

"What the-

"How dare you!" Jordan was face to face with me, well close enough considering I was taller then her.

"Excuse me?"

"Using your power on me, at list I avoid using mine on people unlike you, you don't care about invading people heads." I gasped at her words then backing away a little, notching how close she was to my skin. She smiled slightly seeing me move. "What's wrong Crystal; you can sneak into my head and see things. But I can't do it to you"?

"Back off Jordan, you really don't want to go there." I threatened her; to my surprise she came closer. "Go back to Benjamin little girl." I turned my back on her.

"I've had enough of you treating me like this. I'm not his girl." I laughed thinking about that, when suddenly she grabbed my scared wrist. "You really don't want to go there, Black blood."

I gasped at her using the term, then I felt her use her power on me. Worsted of all, I saw everything in my head.


"Crystal your father back." My nanny told me who looked after me when daddy was working away.

"Daddy!" I dropped my dolls and ran down the stairs in my night gown. My brown hair tied up in two piggy tails bounced up and down, Daddy always worked away a lot and I never got to see him much. I crept along the hallway finding his study; he was in there helping himself to that horrible smelling drink and going to sit in his chair.

"Daddy." I cried running in his study, he looked up his face unread able.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" I stopped running standing in front of him.

"I wanted to see you Daddy, I missed you a lot!" I throw my small child arms around his stiff body. He pulled my arms off him pushing me away from him.

"Go to bed." He said in a dismissive tone.

"Can't you read me a story Daddy?" I asked.

"No, I've got more important stuff to do, then worry about you." Taking a swig of that horrible smelling drink.

"But Daddy I want you to, please." I begged reaching for his hand. He snatched it away getting up to get another drink. "I missed you and I want you Daddy."

"Well I don't want you. Get out of my sight." Turning his back on me a necking another drink.

 Foolishly I went over to him, taking his hand again. "Please Daddy I love you."

"I said get out my sight!" He shouted backhanding me, with the hand that I was holding. "I don't love you, now I won't tell you again. Get out!"


I opened my eyes again looking at Jordan face. "Happy now?"

"Crystal I sor-

"Don't!" I snapped. "Don't you dare tell me that you're sorry. You no nothing about my life. Keep out of it." This time I backed away from her I didn't turn my back on her until I turned off down the corridor.

Knocking on the door I wasn't sure if this was the best thing to do. But I had to tell someone. I didn't want to worry Middy. I was still annoyed at Damien. Alzena and me never really talked about things like this. Mazany well...would have been a good, even just talking to his grave. But I needed someone who could listen to my problems, she helped me once and stopped me from taking things a little too far with the glass.

I sighed this was a bad idea. She had her own problems to deal with. Next thing I know her door opens.

"Crystal what's wrong you where sending singals?" She asked a puzzled look over her face. Well that made two of us.

"I was? I shouldn't be here; I don't why I'm-

"Crystal tell me."

"No it's not fair Zuri, you've got your own worries and Midnight's and, and." I ran my fingers through my cherry red hair.    

"Crystal?" Midnight suddenly came to stand next to Zuri. "What's wrong you emotions are everywhere?"

The End

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