I didint like this want was going to happen next. I was afread of the unknown, damian sat down at the peano.

Well I'm of a social person sorry I haven't spoke to you much Jordon but this is my birthday present to you and you oh so Power Pure Blood” he said I blushed as ben smiled at me and pulled me close to him

Some things we don't talk about
better do without
just hold a smile
we're falling in and out of love
the same damn problem

together all the while
you can never say never
why we don't know when
time and time again
younger now then we were before
don't let me go,
don't let me go,
don't let me go,
don't let me go,
don't let me go,
don't let me go

picture, you're the queen of everything
as far as the eye can see
under your command
i will be your guardian
when -”

My eyes turnd to midnight she was smiling then her eyes got sad and fulled with tears as her face fell, and then I knew what was happening.

Then severl things happened all at once midnight let out a sob and ran to the door damian shot up shoting after her fast saying he was sorry.

I looked around everyone looked sorry or worried or both

Benjeman growled “I should have know this would upset her. Look I'm sorry but I'm going after her” He went for the door. Crystal was standing infrount of the door glaring at him her arms crossed.

after that everyone slowly left I thanked them for coming. Ben and I were the last one`s in the room. I started cleaning things up.

`jordan` he wispered puting a hand on my sholder I pulled away continuing cleaning up

`jordan` he said again

`you promiced` I say as tears started to fall down my cheaks then I was angrey

`goddess benjermin you shouldent make promicess you cant keep I mean look what happened something always happens. Rap, murder, funerils, I lay my mum to rest on my birthday from that year on my birthdays have always ended desasterisly. I was raped twice, had to kill someone, had at lest four people killed infrount of me, now this. Goddess the least I can say is that at lest it wasent all that bad, it wasent the worst thing to happen but still.`

`I`m sorry jordan I should have known` I wiped the tears away

`just go... go` I didint really mean it and if he left at that moment everything would have fallen apart.

`I`m sorry` he said walking towards me I didint move he wraped his arms around me

`make it up to me then` I say

`I`ll do anything to make this better` he wispered in my ear

`take me to bed`


`ben... I mean...` I shock my head

`you want to...`

`yea` I said with a smile and a noded

we ended up in my bed room making out on the bed, I slide off the dress slowly he swallowed 

he kissed my neak as I unbutiond his shirt

`ben I want you` I wispered as he smiled at me

`I want you too jordan` he wispered

then he was on me.

`jessalyna` he breathed my name as I closed my eyes

The End

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