William: Reckless

"Fine," I muttered. I turned round but she wasn't there.

I found a woman, she had chocolate brown hair that fell in curls and warm brown eyes. I felt reckless, so I approached her.

"Oh sorry," I muttered, bumping into her, I grabbed her arms and looked into her eyes, "my apologies, please, let me take you home, it is the least I can do," she nodded, dazed, and linked arms with me.

We walked to a large house, she still lived with her parents, that would make it harder.

She invited me in and I happily entered her kitchen were her mother stood washing dishes.

"Hello miss, I am William, I bumped into your daughter and I just had to bring her home as an apology," she looked into my eyes, confused, "you don't mind if I stay a while do you?" I asked. She nodded.

I was in her room, several ideas of how to suck her dry and kill the family running through my head. But I couldn't do it, instead we chatted for what seemed like forever.

The End

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