Paige - Werewolves...?

          A face. I decided, glaring at the painting, while the word Werewolves seemed to not be able to penetrate my incredulous skull. What, the big hairy wolf/human people who change once every month on the full moon? I might have been slightly hypocritical when I said the next sentence in a disbelieving voice, “Werewolves...? Sorry, but I may believe you are some sort of long lost... well, unknown relative, but being a mythical creature as well? Please, I’ve killed monsters for a long time and I’ve lived for even longer, so I’m sure I would have encountered some proof as to what you are saying before now.” I folded my arms and glared at him, trying to dispel the picture of my younger sister from my mind.

          He sighed. “Yeah, we gathered you might be a little ...disbelieving, so as tonight is a full moon we’re going to prove it to you.” He once again exchanged glances with his guests and I felt like I was missing out on something. My eyes grew wider in shock, and then the suspicion settled in. What if it was a trap? What if they actually did change and then attacked me in their wolfy forms? I mean, going on the recurring myth that vampires and werewolves were enemies of eternity; they might want to kill me just because of what I am. Though to be honest, I didn’t feel anything irrational towards them, other than suspicion, disbelief and incredulity. There was a momentary silence where I waited for them to elaborate and he waited for me to say something. And then a song that rang a dim bell echoed through the room; ‘I wish for a merry Christmas’. For one chagrined moment I thought it might be mine, but Tristan’s ears were touched with pink as he fished into his pocket.

          He answered and started a conversation that I didn’t bother following, that was until I heard him say ‘Kaya’. He gave her the address and then hung up, by then I was starting to think he knew a bit too much about me. My friends, my old house, my current address, my...species and even phone numbers.

          “I’m not sure whether I should be disturbed or flattered by your total efficiency of knowing my personal information.” I said through gritted teeth.

          He grinned, unrepentant, and said lightly, “What do you expect? You’re my great aunt, the only one of the family other than me that knows about dead people walking and mythical wolves.”

          “Yeah, right. So what was the point in calling me here again?” I asked bluntly.

          Another glance around and then he gave me a grim smile. “We need your help.” Before I could say ‘yeah, but with what’, the doorbell rang, and Tristan rushed to fetch it.

          I took a deep breath to calm myself, and then another, before Kaya and Tristan came through the door to the living room. She glanced at me and then around the collected people, absorbing the scene quietly.

          “Just explain already, Tristan.” The voice came from a short girl with cropped blond hair as I glared at Tristan pointedly.

          “Ok now you’re both here, I guess that’s the best idea.” He gestured around at the silent watchers, and then continued, “This is my pack, which is kind of like a family of Weres and before now our...territory was this city. We didn’t hurt anyone, just ran around a bit in the near forest on the full moon and minded our own business. But now there is a rival pack that recently moved in, and people from our own pack have been going missing every full moon... so we need your help.”

The End

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