Ranette: Changes

Was it a bit drastic to move house and job and change my appearance? I didn't think so at the time but... looking around my new apartment, I'm beginning to wonder if it was a bit much. I got the place fully furnished, and as I look around I realise it was a mistake - none of the furniture is what you would call "me" - but y'know. It'll do.

Dropping my keys on the little table by the front door, I wander into the front room and catch sight of myself in a mirror. My hair is cherry red, now and shorter, and I had swapped my entire wardrobe for a completely new look to compliment my new hair style.

Gone are the jeans, in are the skirts that fall to just a few inches above my knees. The tops I had worn before were always kinda loose and plain, but these have been replaced by fitted blouses and other styles. Any jeans left in my collection are fitted and the only indulgences I've kept are a pair of old jogging trousers and a loose top to wear when I can't be bothered to go out.

I look completely different, and I'm pretty much praying Will won't recognise me. Let's face it, moving on is the best thing that both of us can do right now, and holding onto the past to wallow in self pity and old memories is the worst thing we can do. It's taken a long time to get round to doing this, but now I am, and if I can slip under the radar until the circus moves on, even better.

I even invested in a new fake ID. This one calls me Michelle Tapscott, claims I'm twenty one and the little ID picture is of the new me. It's useful knowing crooks, eh?

As I wandered around the bland apartment, I wondered what Michelle Tapscott should be like. My new wardrobe screams sexy office girl, but offices don't tend to be open at night. I settle with freelance reporter in the end and call up my crook friend - his name is Dale, by the way - and ask him if he can get me a few papers organised to say I'm a journalist of some kind and all that jazz that goes with official things.

As drastic as it might be, I feel good for having changed my life so much. I'd been stuck with the old one for so long, I was beginning to forget that there was a purpose to being here other than resisting those terrible cravings; to enjoy the freedom I have, to make a difference to this place.

And if Will finds me, I can only hope he understands.

The End

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