William: Justice

I stood between the Guardians and my old aprentice, she was ancient and he was only 50, yet he stood his ground. I had to admire his stupidity even though I loathed him right now. It was him, it made sense. He had always been ambitous, always wanted more than what Emily could give him. but there were things I wanted to clarify.

"How did you do it?" I growled. The other vampires apart from Adeline looked confused.

"Simple really," he smiled mischievously, "It started with the killing of the innocents, I had to draw attention away from the circus, they were so engrossed in their beloved city they didn't pay attention to us, we were mundane..."

"Thomas, I would be quiet, you know-"

"QUIET!" He snapped at Adeline, he looked crazed as the others looked outraged and stepped forward. Adeline put out her hand, "anyway, as I was saying, once they were no longer looking, I went running to Enrique, telling him you were acting strangely, reminding him if you did something wrong he would have no contender once Emily passed, he let me spy and I fed him false reports.

"It was a stroke of genius really, relying on his bias was easy, and then... well I relied on everyones knowledge of your prowess with the knives, noone would assume the understudy, your name would light up first of course.

"Then of course Enrique was becoming the coven leader in your disgrace, I couldn't have that, so I freed you and finished him, I was next in line as your understudy and lo, you see the new coven leader before you, any questions?"

"No," Adeline said, "you have told us all we need, I warned you, you have broken countless rules and thus you must be punished, any last words?" she asked, "No?" her guard advanced.

"WAIT!" Thomas commanded, "there is one thing," he looked around smiling, "I'm not the only one with big plans, there are more above me, waiting in the dark, old and ancient and wanting what you  have, kill me if you will, but your time is coming old woman!"

The guard pounced on  him, working like machines, effortlessy destroying the group, it was painful to watch.

Adeline stood next to me as she watched emotionless.

"These younglings, they think they are everything," she shook her head almost sadly, "but it looks now like the circus needs a new leader," there was almost a hint there. I felt sad at this, I couldn;t surely I couldn't. The circus wasn't the same anymore, I had to try with Ranette now. She nodded in understanding.

The End

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