Kaya: Intruder

I let out a long breath as I collapsed onto my sofa.  Hours of searching for him and I hadn't found a thing.  It didn't matter he'd probably moved on anyway.  My shift at the cafe had passed without incident.  Scott was his usual cheery gorgeous self.  It was getting harder to resist him, I loved him so much.

My flat was silent apart from the sound of breathing.  Which was weird because I didn't breathe.  I followed the sound to the door of my bedroom.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do if I jumped my intruder, I mean I couldn't eat him! 

Unfortunately, he jumped first.  His hands went on either side of my head and his face was only inches away from mine.  For someone who has just broken into your flat he looked good.  Dark brown boyish curls fell to his shoulders and his eyes were almost black they were so dark.  He was quite a few inches taller than me and his body blocked me in against the wall.

What was I meant to do?  Hit him?  I wouldn't want to damage his pretty face.  He looked so fierce it took me completely by surprise when he kissed me.  I liked it.  My hands immediately wrapped themselves in his hair and pulled his body against mine.  It was amazing.  No-one had ever kissed me like that before and I'd had my fair share of guys.  He pulled away and whispered in my ear. 

'Could you do me a favour Kaya?'  How did he know my name?  'Let Paige know I'm here.  Tell her Tristan's back and he wants to help.'  He produced a card from out of no where.  'Give me a call if you want to talk.'  Then with on last kiss he was gone.

I stood dazed in my hall for about five minutes and then I finally picked up the phone and rang Paige.

'So he just said that you should tell me Tristan is back.'

'Yes that was what he said and he wants to help.'

'OK then.  Thanks Kaya.  Call me if he shows up again.'

The End

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