Paige - Conspiracy

“Stop!” Adeline shouted in a more than slightly panicked voice. The vampire who I now knew as William had been ready to rip the remaining leader of the circus’s throat out. Any later and we would have been too late. I sighed in relief as they froze and turned to Adeline, but I took a defensive stance behind her, with Cain to my right. The group of young vampires were unfamiliar to me, but Adeline addressed the leader by his name. “Thomas. I am delighted to see that you have taken over from Emily, but I cannot have you attacking one of my people.” I could note contempt shining in the eyes of more than one of the Circus vampires, but if this turned rough Adeline could probably finish them off without a thought.

Thomas looked at his followers briefly, before staring her in the eye. “I will have to enquire as to what you mean by ‘my’ followers.” His voice dripped with scorn and I was slightly impressed by his guts. You didn’t come across a vampire who could stare down an ancient as old as Adeline very often.

Adeline looked both unimpressed and irritable. She was not known for her patience. “Of course you heard about his banishment I assume. Before Emily’s death she asked me to take care of him for a year. I know full well that you are an honourable man who would not ignore the wishes of a predecessor.”

That made him pause, but it wasn’t for long. “This man killed his maker. Even letting him live is a stretch of the rules. While he is here I will make sure he pays for his crime.”

She smiled with the warmth of the winter night’s chill. “Oh, I have the proof necessary to falsify that charge and a witness to back him up. He was set up by someone, though who I cannot fathom. His things were searched through, and if you check his room you will find that, and Paige here says that he was free of silver when he entered, and she knew he had been suspect of murder, so had watched him all night. At the time of the murder she saw the knives come from behind him. Not to mention he was not wearing gloves, so the silver would have burned his hands, which there is no sign of.” Ok, maybe that was a slight stretch of the truth, but the witness thing was just to butter it up. Also I didn’t think the handles were silver, but seeing as the murderer would have worn gloves to prevent the distribution of finger prints, he wouldn’t have known.

I enjoyed the look that Thomas gave her and the look of relief on Williams face even more. To be honest it had all worked out quite well, and I was looking forward to a good nights sleep without a guilty conscience.

The End

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