William: Masterplan

120 years and here I am confined in a cage.

As the sun came up the light cut across through the shutters in a terrible lattice, slicing my skin disfiguring me, I couldn't sleep, it was too uncomfortable.

The whole cage felt red hot like hell. I began to worry about when I died, if this was what my afterlife would be. 120 years and I had never shed it a thought. Suddenly I was terrified.

Slowly, after an eternity the sun went down to be replaced by a cool refreshing light.

I sat in mournful silence. The sound of the carnival rang through the cage and I felt a sickening pang of nostalgia and longing. Enrique, damn him! his hatred and jealousy of me twisted his sense of justice, it wouldn't surprise me if he had set this up, having his spies watch me and make everything seem suspicous. But I never thought he could do this, and kill Emily. He was only 70 vampire years, sure he had ambition but he wouldn't kill her surely.

It was approaching midnight. I could hear Enrique talking, introducing the show, acting exactly like Emily. It was as my thoughts strayed onto Ranette, as I wished I could hug her once more that I heard a whisper.

"Sh, I have come to release you, be silent."

It was my understudy.

He unlocked the shutters and his sombre face was revealed as he pushed them up. He unbolted the cage and opened the door.

"Run, get out of here, they will never know, trust me!"

He ran towards the performance and I just simply escaped, headed nowhere.

I stopped after a while, near some canal. Soon I heard noises. But Enrique was not there. Then I saw a group of vampires and heading them was Thomas.

"What the hell?" I yelled. Thomas smiled at me.

"I have learnt much from you, especially your speed and accuracy with those knives. Now you have nowhere to go except to them, and if you do I will begin a war. It has taken a much killing to reach this point but now Enrique is dead and the Circus follows me, join me my old master, and I shall spare you and you can watch as I rule the vampire world."

I growled at him braced myself to strike. 120 years against a bunch of young vampires, I could do this surely.

The End

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