Paige – Decisions

I sat on the small crimson sofa with my hands clasped on my knees, and a deep frown on my face. The leader of the circus had just been murdered with two silver knives. Why? I didn’t have a clue. By who? I didn’t even know that either, despite the fact it had happened right in front of my eyes.

They had seized the wrong man, and that I was sure of.

Being over the age of at least five decades, I had grown the ability to smell and sense the presence of silver, and when the man in the black trench coat had entered the library, I hadn’t had a whiff of anything but expensive leather. Not to mention Emily was an ancient vampire and she wasn’t stupid enough to let down her guard around someone who she thought might be a murderer. If she had seen him so much as twitch, she would have been on alert as fast as a, well... vampire. Yet the knives hit her and she didn’t even blink.

I opened my mouth to share my thoughts with Adeline, but she cut me off and said in a weary voice. “Do not take me for a fool, of course I had noticed.” She sounded as tired as I felt; the sun was well on its way across the sky and the call for sleep was hypnotising. I shut my mouth on a retort and regarded Adeline with concern. Our leader was not one to let unjustness go unchallenged, so this problem must be particularly hard to solve. “The Circus is bent on their false justice and revenge, if I intervene now without solid proof, it would almost certainly mean war. A war we are neither prepared nor equipped for.”

We both looked up when the door burst open and Cain stepped in. His aura filled the room and I studied his handsome figure as it blended in with the shadows. Cain has charmingly ruffled, short black hair and deep blue eyes, with skin as pale as snow and an attitude just as cold. I let my disdain show on my face and he looked just as happy to see me. Adeline told him the brief but brutal story, and his face slowly turned into a familiarly emotionless mask. For a moment the three of us remain as statues, a necessary silence spreading between us as we realised there was probably nothing we could do for the framed vampire, except from hope the true culprit was found, sooner rather than later. 


The End

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