William: Murder

When I heard her mention the banishment I had to get out. It was painful to hear and I needed air.

I could hear them exiting the library. Then I heard a strange noise like muffled footsteps and a knife leaving its sheath. A door opened, Emily was outside with her usual entourage.

The flashes of silver flashed past my eyes and when I turned round I saw Emily crying in pain. Her eyes bulged, her veins swelling and her skin burning. She let out a huge cry of pain and keeled over. I looked shocked.

Then Everyone looked at me. Enrique smiled at me vicously and shouted "SEIZE HIM!"

Next thing I knew we were back at the circus standing on a large podium. There were only vampires around.

Enrique stepped up with me kneeling on the ground, my hands cuffed with impure silver, "You are charged with the muder of Emily, what do you have to say for yourself?" he was almost laughing.

"No," I muttered, I could never do it, she was like the mother I never had.

"Yes indeed, and we have sufficient proof too!" he held up his hands and began counting, "There is the first rule break, failing to kill the betrayer, number two, the second rule break, turning the young girl, three we heard you say that things were going to change, four we saw you buy silver knives from the shop, the same knives that killed our beloved Emily and five because you were in the exact spot the knives came from."

"No, it's all lies!" I protested but he ignored me.

"All these facts added up proves you are the murderer as a result of this, by midnight tommorrow, you will be dead!" I cried frustration, wishing someone would believe me, but nobody did.

They threw me into a cage and pulled the shutters down with lots of little holes. Slowly the night wore on and the sunlight came too.

The End

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