Paige - The Meet

I guess you could call it...tense. I was leaning against one of the many antique bookcases in Adeline’s library, almost shivering within the thick aura of power that had followed the newcomers. The room was almost full of vampires, some sitting on small red sofas in front of the unneeded fire, others standing around like me. Usually the room was half as full, but today was the time for the annual meeting with the circus, so a few vampires had come along with their leader to give the years report. 

The leader, who was almost as powerful as Adeline, was stunningly beautiful, with a perfect pale face, long dark brown hair and ice blue eyes. She looked like an ancient aristocrat, even in her circus uniform. From her aura I guessed her to be around three centuries old, one hundred years younger than our leader, but she fed on humans, which would fill in some of the gap. She had brought five other people along with her, and I recognised three of them from entering my bar. They were from twenty to forty years old in un-dead years, and about twenty to thirty in alive. They gave off the aura of power that came from feeding on humans, and with only seventy years under my belt, and a life of lamb’s blood, I doubted I could take them on if it turned iffy. Not that it was going to, as the circus leader and Amelia seemed to be having a nice old chat in the middle of the crowd, as if the tension colouring the room was just all in our imaginations. Though I knew better; vampires were very territorial, especially when the intruders were more powerful than them. I myself, wished that they would just hurry up and get this whole thing over with. Adeline seemed to sense my anxiety and glanced sideways at me briefly. Her being my maker and friend, I could tell she was telling me to suck it up like a good little girl.

I sniffed and looked away. I was the third oldest vampire in the Guardians, the second being Cain, a two hundred year old vamp who wouldn’t come today no matter how much we tried to convince him. So I was standing the nearest to the two, close enough to hear what they were talking about.

They were talking about the recent murders, and the possibility it might be one of their own that was carrying it out. I felt a twinge of alarm at that realisation and couldn’t help glancing around the room at the collected vampires, strangers and friends alike. I had been increasingly worried about the drainings lately, mostly because I had living relatives of my own in the city. My younger sister was now an old lady, with a family of her own and I would hate to see anything happen to them, after she had already lost a sister. Though I didn’t even know what they looked like, and they could even have been one of the recent victims for all I knew. I made a reluctant mental note to check out my unknown family and then continued to listen in.

The circus leader I now knew as Emily was talking about how she had banished a vampire for feeding from a child and changing her. He was not to return to the circus for a year, drink lambs blood, and be under the surveillance of the Guardians for the duration of his punishment. I hoped I wasn’t going to be part of the surveillance team; it was a mighty waste of a vampire’s time in my eyes, time that could be used to find the killer. Then I realised by the look on Emily’s face that she was worried that he was the killer. I frowned and filed that away in my head, we would know sooner or later if he was the criminal while he was being watched.


The End

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