Kaya: Worried

I went straight back into my shift after I had got off the phone from Paige.  I wasn't sure if I was meant to be reassured by what she had told me or worried.  As my shift wore on more vampires started coming in.  I tried to keep Scott away from them but he seemed to like them.  Whenever he was serving one of them he almost always walked away laughing.

'Who are those guys over there?'  I nodded at a table of them that he had just been chatting with.

'Not sure.  They say the're with a circus but I haven't seen one in town, have you?'

'No.'  I paused absentmindedly.  'No I haven't.'

'You alright.  Ever since your break you've been acting really wierd.'  So he had noticed my protective streak.

'Just got something on my mind.'  He leaned against the counter.

'OK then spill.'

'There isn't much to tell.'

'If it's making you that distracted then there must be something to tell.'

Luckily for me the door went and another vampire walked in.  I recognised this one.  He had been in one of the acts last night.  He'd been the one who had fed on the girl.  I'd thought she was part of the group until Paige had told me what the circus did.

'I'll get this one.'  I approached the table he was sitting at and began fiddleing with thw blonde curls that were hanging infront of my face.  I swept it back and put on a confident face.

'Can I get you anything?'  I smiled at him.  He was gorgeous even for a vampire but his eyes seemed lost.'

'Could I have some milk please.'

'Sure.  Is that it?'

'Yea thanks.'  I walked back towards Scott who was looking at me in a funny way.

'What was all that about?'

'What was what about?'

'The flicking of the hair and the pleasanter than normal smile.'

'I didn't think I was doing anything different.'  I poured a glass of milk for him and put it on his table.

'So where are you from?  I mean I haven't seen you in here before.'  I really was good at this detective thing.

'I've been travelling.'

'Oh so you won't be around long?'

'I don't know.'  He wasn't the chatty type.

'Well just let me know if you want anything else.'  What else was I supposed to say, I know what you are.  He'll know I'm a vampire so will know that I know he is a vampire.  What an idiot I am!

The End

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