Paige - The Circus

I almost jumped when my phone vibrated in my jeans pocket, and I quickly fished it out. It was Kaya calling and I gave my boss behind the bar an apologetic look, before heading towards the back room.

          “Hello?” I said, in the most reassuring voice I could.

“Paige? It’s me, Kaya. I wanted to ask you something.” I entered the back room and locked the door behind me. I had been eves-dropped on by a human once, and it had been very annoying to get him to calm down enough, so that I could erase his memory. “I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

“Nope, go ahead.”

“You know the circus in town? I wanted to know what a whole group of vampires were doing together. I mean, are they like you?” She sounded unsure and I tried to think of the best way to explain their take on protecting humanity.

“Well, to put it basically, they are totally different, but what they do helps humans at the same time. They lure criminals into their shows and feed off them, weakening them. If it is murderer or something, they usually kill them, not by draining as that would get them addicted, but by, well... feeding them to the lions while unconscious.” It sounded nasty, but what some of the humans did was worse by far. Not to mention it saved feeding expenses and meant they didn’t have much to clean up afterward. Kaya paused and I found myself wondering if she had ever killed a human before.

“Ok, thanks, that’s cleared it up. Talk to you some other time.”

“Bye. Call me if you need anything.” I snapped the phone shut and unlocked the door, my mind clouded with thoughts of the next meeting with the circus.

The End

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