Kaya: The Morning After

I was dissapoinred with what I saw at the circus last night.  The vampires I didn't see any dead bodies or anyone feeding so I got bored very quickly.  I headed home and eleven o'clock came around too quickly so I got dressed and headed out to work.  I hated it but it was a way to earn money to pay my rent and the people there were nice.  My best friend worked the same shifts as me.  His name was Scott.  I hadn't told him what I was for his safety.  I didn't want antone coming after him.  The truh was I liked him more than as a friend but I knew nothing would happen.  First because I was a vampire and second because he didn't think of me like that.  I didn't mind. 

His friendly smile immediately brightened my day as I walked into the cafe.

'Morning.'  I smiled back.

'Morning.'  I tied my apron on and waited for a customer.  'You're looking rough this morning.'  Scott gave me a gentle shove and laughed at me as I pretended to fall over.

'I had a bad night.'

'Want to talk about it?'

'Not really.'


We didn't get busy until about half twelve when the lunchtime rush started.  Before then we had our regulars sitting alone with a cup of coffee and a paper.  All I could think about while I was serving customers was the circus.  Why were they here?  There were so many of them there must be something going on.  I needed to talk to someone.

When I had my break I pulled out my moblie and scrolled down my list of contacts until I found Paige's number.  She would know what was going on.  I pressed dial.

The End

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