William: New Knives

The shop was quiet. I could hear no footsteps, no breathing. I was sure I hadn't been followed then.

The shop was full of guns and knives.

I found a couple made from silver, my old ones had bent too much making them unpredictable, ergo I needed new knives for my act.

I picked up several, inspecting them, almost pure silver, weighted shaft, precise and sharp. Perfect. But of course I didn't touch the blade, I just gently picked them up and took them to the counter.

"Not seen you in a while Will, you haven't aged a day," the old man chuckled and took the knives, "still in the circus I see," he checked their prices and added them to his ancient till, "that'll be £300 please," he held out his hands for the money.

I fumbled in a pocket and pulled out an old, battered leather wallet. We made quite a bit of money in the circus with no real need to spend any, just maintenence and grants for leavers.

"My knives last me, I still use the ones I bought all those years ago, old man," I smiled and he handed over the knives, handle first.

I placed them in a satchel I had slung over my back and walked back to the Circus.

The time was coming now, when the Circus handed over their annual report to Adeline, it was a pointless practice but it built up trust. Right now Emily would be working herself to the bone configuring our profits, newcomers and key events, then she would brief Enrique and I on the report and our little meeting would begin.

The sun was rising. It came up in clouds of pink and orange. I missed the sun, so I liked to stay up as long as possible until I was forced away from the light. The sun was rising.

My sleep was restless and long and I was glad when the sun began once more to descend.

I left my tent to the lights that danced across the circus in gold and reds. I was unsure of what to do, begin my dutys, visit her or feed.

So I found myself at her door. Waited patiently. Watched it open. Not knowing what the hell I was going to do. I embraced her, pushing her into the room and closing the door behind us.

The End

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