Paige - Unhuman

          The beast that barely resembled a person was glaring at me with glowing silver eyes, the human in its vicious claws long gone. I regarded the hunched being with contempt, the cut on my forehead throbbing uncomfortably as it healed over. I stepped sideways once and the monster mimicked me with exaggerated humanly-ness. The vamp was also long gone; no amount of reasoning would stop it from killing as many humans as it wanted to feed its hunger. This was what happened to just about every vampire that killed while feeding; they are consumed by their own hunger, some faster than others. It takes just one slip of control to kill a human, and that one slip can hook a vampire to draining for the thrill, if they even cared in the first place. Draining is even worse than being hooked on the most addictive drug in the world. Much worse. That was why rather than risking it, the guardians drank lamb’s blood, or blood from their lovers, who they know they will never harm and will stay with forever.

          It lunged at me with a face promising violence and I was a bit slow on the intake, earning myself a scratch on the cheek. It didn’t pause and tried to swipe my legs from under me, but I jumped and kicked it powerfully in the head. Killers were stronger than normal vampires, but age also discerned strength, and this guy was just a fledgling. He went flying onto the cement floor and I quickly followed it up with the traditional stake through the heart. He struggled for a moment, and then went still, his eye losing its supernatural glow and returning to the chocolate brown eyes of his birth. I grimaced and pulled the stake out quickly, ignoring the slightly squashy sound it made.

          Without pause I dialled Adeline’s number on my mobile and gave her a brief report, and requested a little cleanup. The woman’s throat would be cut and she would be left to the police, there was nothing else we could do. The fledgling hadn’t been the recent murderer as far as I could tell, as he hadn’t been quiet with his meal, letting me hear her struggles from a block away, and he hadn’t been particularly bothered by my finding him. He was also very young, maybe only a month old, which was just after when the murdering had started. Which meant we still had a killer on the loose, and he was making some new family members.

The End

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