William: The Show

I saw my understudy moments before the show was due to start. He came up to me with baleful eyes.

"Why can't I ever lead the show?" he asked, but I put my hand on his shoulder. "My friend you will be doing it sooner than you think, for now just sit back and enjoy it," I had trained him since I first found him. Thomasm, he was young, strong and athletic with short, blonde hair and green eyes, he was like me, but more ambitious, I was happy just to perform, he wanted to be the star.

"Yes, I suppose I will," he smiled at me and walked off to the stands.

Emily approached the centre of the ring and crapped her whip, getting everyones attention.

"Hail all, newcomers and veterans alike, it is a pleasure to have you here," 300 years and her opening speech had barely changed, "but i shall not bore you with mere words, let the show...BEGIN!"

Fire crackled all around the area, lights danced a cocophony of colours and I vaulted across the area with sumersaults and all among a further five vampires. We all engaged in differents acts. I threw knives at all of them, made of silver and caught the perimeter of their strong bodies. two engaged in a sort of artistic dance and then we blew fire in phoenix and dragon shapes, creating fantastic illusions that made the crowd gasp.

That was for the humans. Now to my favorite part.

I attatched myself to a ribbon like harness and played the powerful vampire who flew across the skies searching for his lost love. A human wandered into the stage, a female who had robbed stores. She had no idea what was going on and looked lost. the humans looked sadly at the metaphor here whilst the vampires looked hungrily. I corkscrewed behind her. She had no idea I was there.

Then I stood before her, "oh my love," I focused on her eyes and she melted before me, "how long I have waited for your arrival, wont you stay a while?" the microphone pushed the sound out of the tent into the city.

"No!" she tried to fight. I gazed lovingly into her eyes, "oh, but yes."

I kissed her above her lip and said soothingly, "you are safe now, no one shall hurt you, I can make sure of that, with one bite, may you grant me one bite?" I asked.

"Anything for you," she muttered.

I swept her off her feet and she held her neck backwards, awaiting me.

I lunged at her thirstily, ripped through her soft skin into the glorious nectar that flowed through her body. the blood dribbled down my chin and onto the floor. It felt glorious to be satiated, to feel the warm human blood mingle with my own and make me, for one short moment, feel human myself.

Meanwhile she moaned, a little in pain and the humans once more gasped in shock. They were deceived.

We fell slowly to the floor, she had completely submitted herself to me and I ran a hand across her leg.

Her moan was feeble and I parted. I looked up to the ceiling, my silver eyes glowing, my mouth open revealing my fangs.

I smiled at the audience fiendishly and saw amongst the swooning humans and silver vampire eyes the eyes of my Ranette. I passed them by casually though it killed me, the show had to go on.

That was how I did it, every night performing this show and feeding on criminals. the rest would travel the city searching, or luring the criminals here, I made sure mine looked innocent.

The show continued monotonously, my part was done now.

After the show I found her feeding. It hurt a little to see Ranette act this way, but I didn't show it, just smiled like a showman.

"I see your methods of catching a meal have changed," I said, a little peeved.

"You left a big hole to fill, William, do you still prefer the circus over me? Wait," she paused, as the answer flew into my mind, conflicted. "I don't think I want to know. I was trying. I was moving on. And you had to come back didn't you?"

Her hand mets my cheek, and I grimaced in pain, but felt her smooth hand run against my cheek

"Why are you doing this to me, Will?" she murmured as I put my arms around her waist.

"I still love you," I breathed in her scent, the blood of her last feed, "be with me, believe me things will be different around here," I smiled, a promise. My nose was touching hers as I pushed her towards me. She sighed.

"Everytime I see you my heart tears a little more, soon it will be nothing more than shredded paper, not that it matters," she tried to joke.

"It matters to me," I promised, "please just think about it," I released her grip and was gone in a second. I had business to take care of.

The End

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