Ranette: craving

I gave in. What is this power you hold over me, William? I watched through the whole show, glad to be a part of the audience instead of a performer. I ended up watching out for him in particular, and though he made no obvious indication he had seen me, I'm sure he looked up and smiled at me. But that could have been a general smile at the spectators.

Eventually the smell of the humans around me began to make my mouth water. I didn't wait for William after the show. I talked a man in the audience into coming around the back with me for "a bit of fun". He wasn't hard to persuade. They never are.

When William finds me after the show, I have the human up against a tree, my hand teasing him through his jeans and my teeth deep in the guy's neck. The human doesn't seem to mind this, too busy being happy about someone like me chasing down someone like him for a late night romp on the edge of the woods. William waits behind me until I'm done, smiling with mock politeness as I turn around. The man stumbles off with a grin plastered across his face. I always make sure I leave them alive. I don't want to be the next one to end up on the news.

"I see your methods of catching a meal have changed," he notes and I nod.

"You left a big hole to fill, William." There's no disguising the note of hurt in my voice. "Do you still prefer the circus over me? Wait," I pause, trying to clear my head as my eyes return from their hungered silver to their normal hazel colour. "I don't think I want to know. I was trying. I was moving on. And you had to come back didn't you?" I snap and my hand twitches, desperate to slap him.

Desperate to caress him.

I curse and end up doing both. My hand meets his cheek sharply, but as he grimaces, I slowly soothe the sting away, my cold fingers gentle against his skin.

"Why are you doing this to me, Will?" I ask softly as he puts his arms around my waist almost possessively. I can't make up my mind if I want his touch, or if the pull in my stomach is trying to tell me to get away from him. I hear the movements of another vampire nearby, but I ignore it, staring up into William's eyes, searching, craving for an answer.

The End

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