Kaya: The Circus

I couldn't resist having a look around.  The field was covered in small stalls aswell as the big circus tent.  All the people behind the stalls were vampires.  I didn't understand.  Why did these people come here if the whole show was run by vampires.

Near the tent entrance there was a man standing shouting 'get your tickets here.  The show will start in five minutes!'  I knew I probably shouldn't be there but I couldn't resist doing some investigating and I hadn't been to the circus since I was a little girl.  I bought a ticket with the small change I had in my coat pocket and sat in a seat two or three rows back from the edge of the ring.

The show started.  I had never seen anything like it.  The extra speed and agility that the vampires had enabled them to do things no human would be able to.  They all were stunningly beautiful under the lights.  When the show ended I clapped as loudly as the rest of the audience.

I left the tent still very thoughtful.  Why were the vampires doing this?  Was it some plan to lure innocent humans into a trap.  I decided to have another look around.  I headed around towards the back of the tent where I assumed the performers would be.  There was no-one around outside the tent flap so I went in.

The End

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