William: Banished

"How do they carry them around?" I heard a couple gasp as they stared at the entrance.

I laughed heartily and brought the girl to our first stall in the tent.

"This is what we like to call feed the vampire..." it consisted of a stall with a curtain at the back which five vampire heads were poking through. They stayed completely still as if they were carved from wood. Five 'water'guns lay on the table and a lanky vampire with greasy hair leant against it.

"What can I do for you?" he asked a small child and his two friends.

Their mother smiled and handed over some money, "three please," she muttered.

The vampire grinned beautifully and pushed the guns towards the children. They each pumped one up and aimed it at the heads. The liquid was red and shinym firing into their mouths filling them up. When the little boy's vampire head was full the jaw shut and the lanky vampire smiled.

"Congratulations," he bent down out of sight.

"It's a fun game," we continued as the vampire handed over a raggedy teddy bear past more gruesome games.

I was about to show her another stall when I saw someone I knew, someone I hadn't senn in a long time. The woman who left me.

"WILLIAM!" an abrupt call snapped me from my reverie, I turned around, irritated.

"What, Enrique?" he sneered at me.

"Mind your tone, when I'm in charge here I'll beat it out of you!"

"Your point Enrique," I growled.

"Emily wishes to speak with you," he smiled, I didn't like it when he smiled, it usually ended up bad for me.

I knelt down in front of the girl, she stared at me distantly.

"Must dash," I smiled, "I'm sure you can see the rest by yourself, have fun and be careful," I looked meaningfully at her and looked out for the female. She was gone.

I entered Emily's hut. She was the coven leader and the Ring Master, her dark brown hair went down to her slim waist, her face was beautiful I supposed with icy blue eyes wearing typical ring master clothes. She used to be a Romany until she became a vampire and was cast out. She was over 300 years old from Venice.

"You wish to see me?" she looked up at me without emotion.

"Indeed I did," she stood up from her table and came towards me, picking up her show whip, "I have told you many times that if you wish to lead this coven, you must prove yourself. After what happened all those years ago when you let her live, the trust was shattered," I frowned, wondering where this was going, "and now you fail me once more," she spat, and grabbed my neck, "you fed on a child!"

I ripped off her grip, "what?" I bellowed in disbelief, "who feed you this lie?" my face was scandalous, outraged.

"Enrique, only he has proven himself loyal to me," I looked deeply into Emily's eyes, grabbed her arms. She shrugged me off.

"Emily," look at me, I have been here all my life, I have broken the code only once, you know I would never do this!"

"That may be so, but with no proof otherwise, Enrique wants to see justice done, I cannot appear lax, you must be punished," she thought for a moment, tapped her chin. Her eyes swivelled to meet mine, "at the end of our stay here, you'll be banished from the circus for a year," I was more than angry, white hot rage filled every essence of my being.

"Fine," I grumbled through gritted teeth.

I stormed out of the tent, walking down a dark area behind one of the carousels next to a wall. I saw her again and moved towards her. I called her name.

"What do you want?" Ranette stared at me, a cold hard look on her face.

"I've been waiting for this day," I stepped closer, "when you would visit, and I could see you," she raised her eyebrow, "I missed you," I whispered. Now right in front of her.

Her face was livid, but it broke down when I said those three words, into an impenetrable sadness. She turned away.

I heard a song in the distance, Three Doors Down; Let Me Go, I smiled.

"It's our song," I grabbed her shoulders, turned her around, moving closer.

"It was our song, then it was more like My immortal. we broke each others heart, we don't work, remember?"

She glared at me, "I hated it here, that killed you, I gave you a choice, you chose here, that killed me, I left, slipped up once and you came to physically kill me, you couldn't, I was there when you were punished, I saw what they did to you..." she put her head in her hands.

"I changed-"

"VAMPIRES DON'T CHANGE!" she screamed.

I grabbed her waist, breathed along her neck and bit down, she gasped, dug her nails into my back as I pushed her against the wall.

"Will..." she tried to say, she pushed me towards her and closed her silver eyes, breathing heavily.

She bit my neck in return, the thrill pulsing across my body, making me shiver.

We pulled away and kissed each other, tasting of blood.

"Damn you William," she muttered, pushing me back, "we made this decision a long time ago, we're finished."

"I can't accept that," I called after her.

She stopped, looked back, "you need to," she said, her voice dead.

"At least watch the show, it's about to start!" she smiled faintly.

The End

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