The circus has come to town. I can only hope that William has left. It's inevitable that I would end up bumping into the performers. I catch sight of my reflection in a window and stop mid step, back tracking to get a better look. Christ, I'll never get a meal today looking like this! I brush my short brown hair quickly with my fingers in an attempt to regain the sexy bob style I usually maintain, before giving up. I need a proper mirror for this. I promptly turn around and run back to my apartment, probably going just a little too fast to blend in with the citizens of this town. But it's okay. No one is looking.

After my mad dash back home, my hair is in an even worse state. I comb it down and force it to behave. I smile as the artificial, dim bathroom light catches the natural honey brown highlights in my otherwise dark hair. I stare long and hard at my reflection. Knowing the circus is in town and probably bringing William with it, I have the irrational urge to bleach my hair and cut it even shorter, just to annoy him. I know how he used to like my hair longer.

Instead, I apply deep red lipstick and touch up my eye makeup, creating smoky shadows around my hazel eyes. Brushing a tiny amount of blusher over my cheek bones, I grin into the mirror, satisfied with my appearance. I quickly slip into an outfit that hugs my figure and leave my apartment again, stopping off at the bar nearby. A lot of the circus performers are here relaxing and I smile, practically praying that none of them would recognise me.

Y'see, I still have feelings for William, but after all that happened, I don't know if he still has feelings for me. After all, who chooses a circus over the love of their life? Or death. Depends which way you want to look at it. Having said that, he saved me when he was supposed to kill me... I push the thoughts from my mind. I'm trying to move on from all of that.

Bloody circus.

I buy a glass of white wine and sit with it at the bar, cradling it with one hand, resting my chin on the other as I subtly listen to performers' conversations. Usually I do this to listen out for humans trying to get laid, and see who I'm going to be taking home for the fun and games I like to play before dinner.

I never used to do that. Use my body to get a meal, I mean. William would hate that, too. If I'm honest, I don't think the whole fall out with William did me any good, mentally. I cope, though. A new human fills the gap for a night. Occasionally, some will come back. Apparently they like it.

Eventually, even my internal ramblings aren't enough to distract me any longer. I push my glass away from me and get up, leaving the bar alone for the first time in god knows how long.

The tent isn't far away. I gaze up at the familiar canvas as I walk in, looking around all the trailers behind it for William. Eventually I have to force myself to go into the tent itself. I need to see him.

The End

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