Paige – Work

I felt myself frown as the fifth Vampire this night walked into the pub I was working in. It was rather unusual to have this many vampires in one place by chance, and it was making my hair stand on end. I had heard that the ‘Blood-Thirsty Circus’ had come to town again, so that explained the numbers, but it still made me uneasy. I also felt the need to serve each one of them, rather than my human friend Casey. Overprotective, I know, but that’s what happens when you live with humans for so long, they grow on you.

          I slowly walked towards him, and let him realise what I was before I reached him. He didn’t comment, only gave me a small nod and asked for a glass of milk. Milk was the only drink Vampires could consume, and though it tasted horrible, it staved off the hunger for a certain amount of time. I found myself thinking back to last night and the Vampire we had met called Kaya. She had seen Adeline, listened to her preach for god knows how long, and had walked out alive. So that meant she hadn’t laughed out loud and called us, ‘fluffy fanged pacifists’ like the last one.

          I took the glass of milk to the vampires table, scanning him to see if I could find any proof he was from the circus. Apparently not. He was in plain black, a mix many vampires, including me, tended to favour. I walked back to the bar and returned to my previous position of staring out the dark window at the high street, my sharp teeth biting on my lower lip nervously.

The End

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