Light glimmers across the expanse of dome like tents and stalls littered around the square. All the City's inhabitants loved to come here, and I loved the city, full of life, full of food.

The Blood-Thirsty Circus housed all lonely vampires, we went from City to City, inviting in the criminals and feeding off them. When it was approaching the time of the Gathering we would come here, annually. I loved this city.

Just off the square was a small park, snow blew from the trees covering any and all life that lay trapped underneath, like a chokerhold. I sat on an old wooden bench, a small bronze plaque read:

In memory of Eliza Lisa:

I kissed my finger and placed it on the plaque.

The wind picked up, blowing on my long black trench coat, my long black hair. My large stature looming over the pathway which a young girl walked down. She turned to me, holding a small bunny, teddy bear in her hands. I gripped the arm rest, straining my neck. I hissed at her, she stood rooted to the spot, transfixed.

"RUN!" I screamed at her, she rushed along crying. I could hear her tears fall even when she was a mile away, like a melancholy drum beat.

I sighed to myself and walked back. Back home, just waiting for the Gathering.

The End

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