Paige - Life

Out of nowhere a guardian I had recognised as Rosalinda had come at the new born with a deadly looking sword, and had given it a nice long slash down its side. Though even after that, the vampire wasn’t making this easy for either of us. The alley was narrow, and it used that to its advantage, as it used the poor human girl in his grasp as a meat shield. We attacked and he moved her in our path, heedless of the bumps she got against the wall. We had to get her away from him soon or she was dead, there was no two ways about it. Vampires weren’t what you could call delicate. The new born also knew once the lady was dead, the game was up, so he was deep in thought (as much as a monster crazed with hunger can think) about what to do next to get away. Being mentally challenged (this bugger hadn’t been a bright spark even before he had been given a dead brain) that didn’t seem to be going well for him, which gave me the time to say my farewells.

With an abrupt flick of my wrist, the lovely, but hard kitten statue flew from my hand and came into contact with the vampires head with a muted ‘thunk’. He hadn’t even seen it coming. The poor porcelain figure smashed into innumerable peaces, momentarily blinding and shocking him. With unnatural speed I unceremoniously grabbed the girl and Rosalinda scewered his heart with her silver sword. He exploded into a shower of flames in seconds. After a moment of releived silence I realsied I had a half dead girl in my hands and quickly called Adelina (the founder of the gaurdians). A pile of ashes and a nearly dead, drained girl was going to be hard to explain to regular doctors, so we needed our clean-up crew.

The End

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