Kaya: Not another fight

I used to love shopping.  I could spend hours wandering about town looking in shop windows.  But now I don't feel like it anymore.  I don't change so why should I but new clothes when I'm not going to grow out of my new ones.  It's kind of lonely being me.  I can't be around people anymore, the smell of blood is too much.  So I spend a lot of time alone in my flat.  I miss my friends from school.  They'll all be at uni now, starting new lives.  I can never do that.

I was walking in town not looking at all the new clothes in shop windows when I heard something.  I didn't know what it was but I thought it sounded like a scream.  It was coming from an alley just along the street.  A woman ran in towards the noise and a few moments later another followed her.  I made it there just after them and stood out of sight to observe.  I tried to stay out of fights where it was possible.  It was a Vampire feasting on a human.  The other two tried to stop him but he didn't care.  I could see the hunger in his eyes.  Suddenly, a sword appeared in the hand of one of the women.  I tried to walk away but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the first Vampires I had seen in months as they attacked the newborn.

The End

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