Rosalinda: another newborn?!

I heard an earsplitting laugh as I entered the town, the town where I could live in moderate peace. The laugh told me otherwise, it was a laugh of a derranged newborn and my guesse is some poor soul is trying to stop it from feeding. I sighed and ran toward the laugh. Naturally I was right, a female vampire was trying to stop a newborn feeding on an innocent. "I do wish you newborns would learn, to accheive peace you have to live with humans not live off them"

"I dont want peace! I want blood!" Fab, so it was going to be like this.

"One last warning" The female exclaimed. Wait was that a kitten statue?

Another murderous laugh echoed through the alley. I ripped the cross off my neck and it grew into an elegant sword "Know that you brought this upon yourself my mislead bretheren, none the less, You harmed so..." I advanced on the newborn making him smirk still gripping his half-dead prey."I can teach you to live in peace with humans, there is another way to live"

The newborn simply chuckled, licking his lips clear of blood.

The End

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