Paige - All in a Days Work

I surveyed the bustling street around me with mild interest, my cheeks feeling the freezing wind, as the steadily falling snowflakes settled on my thick black coat and long wavy hair. I was not the only one aware of the cold, as many other humans were rushing from side to side, wearing woolly gloves and many layers to keep the January chill at bay. Though unlike them I wasn’t affected by it, I just dressed to fit in.

 I walked through the settling snow towards the opposite end of the high street, and entered a shop with rows of gifts on display in the windows, and countless offer posters. It was near the end of the Christmas sales, but there were still some bargains to be made. I needed to buy my sister a late Christmas present, and this looked like the most promising shop.

I walked quickly down the perfume isle, the smell making my eyes water, and then into the chocolate isle. I didn’t know which one was tasty and which one was not, as I couldn’t even eat food, so that was not an option. Next I moved to the book isle, and I realised I didn’t know what type of books she liked, that’s something else ruled out. The same went for music.

To be honest I didn’t know anything about my little sister, as I hadn’t seen her since I had been turned into a vampire. Yet I still left her a present on the doorway every year, with nothing else but a small ‘Dear Casey’ label. It was my old nickname for her, and I was supposed to be dead. Maybe I should give up, I hadn’t had the time this year and maybe stopping this charade would help me move on with my life/death. But I would never forget, I couldn’t ever forget. The memories of my living years are etched into my mind like carvings on a wall. If only I could just talk to her once, even if she didn’t know it was me... I picked up a small kitten ornament from the shelf and turned it over in my pale hands.

I froze as a gasp reached my ears. It had come from behind the wall I had been staring perplexedly at just moments ago, and was barely loud enough for my Vampire hearing to detect. By the time the sounds of struggling vibrated through the wall again, I was out the shop, the money was on the till (much to the confusion of the cashier), and I was standing in the entrance to the alleyway, my kitty ornament in hand.

The short and mangled looking Vampire paused as he sucked the life out of the dazed looking lady and rolled his eyes up to meet mine. His eyes were glowing silver with hunger and he didn’t seem to have a second thought about killing her; the typical new Vampire. “For the sake of courtesy I’m giving you one warning. Back off and leave the lady to live or your head will roll.” He had turned up at a good time; I needed to vent some stress.

He did stop biting her, but that was just so he could let rip an unnatural peal of laughter, that made me want to scratch my ears till they bled. I took that as a no, and gladly kept my side of the promise.

The End

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