Griever: Kingslayer (Part 5)Mature

The fae were no longer hesitant, making Griever believe in Jem's importance to this so-called prophecy even more. They came in droves, but recklessly. That was all that mattered. Truthfully, Griever didn't believe in this prophesy or anything that hinted at destiny. You made your own path, of course. But, if the fae believed it, he could exploit it.

They fell to the blades he and Jem wielded easily, showcasing their moves instead of being cautious like they had been. Azrali held his ground in the distance, seeming afraid, yet stubborn. The surrounding area had been growing thick with fae of varying sizes now, and the north tower in the distance was now barren. Griever worried about their allies, but focused on cutting a path. This had to end fast.

"Jem, go!"

She nodded and took the lead just as they came within reach of the King. Griever held back to stave off the other fae as best he could. To her credit, Jem wielded Eternal Lion like a trained soldier, using her size to her advantage as well. She was a beauty to behold, but Griever had his own duty. Protect her.

Fae swarmed and the King made a sound that put any other fae to shame. Jem had managed a hit on the beast, but it wasn't too deep. How had she? A part of Griever grew jealous, but a larger part felt relieved that she was doing well. 

Griever killed a few more fae, then went to assist Jem with the king. He had to be careful of their backs, but the fae stood back for the most part now. The reason was lost to Griever as the fae king began to become more violent, lashing out with no reluctance. It was like a cornered rat fighting despite knowing it would die.

Jem and Griever held their ground, dodging and striking where they could, but they weren't making progress now. The king was flailing too fast without showing signs of slowing. He was, in a way, in his death throws. 

"I am one of the Fae Kings!" the beast shouted. "I cannot die here!"

"Jem, I'll create an opening," Griever shouted over Azrali's mad screams, "Strike then!"

Jem started to say something, but he gave her no time, rushing in. It happened fast, faster then Griever had thought it would. His sword rammed itself into the king's arm, stunning the mad fae, and warm blood coated Griever's side. Pain followed it.

Just before he blacked out, Griever saw Jem ram Eternal Lion into Azrali's chest, silencing the fae king. Good, that should be... the end of it.


The End

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