Griever: Kingslayer (Part 4)Mature

Griever moved into a stance his old master liked to call the Mad Lion and unleashed a flurry of blinding strikes at random angles. The Fae was forced back, but Griever wasn't done. He continued and instantly switched to using Lion's Lunge to close the small distance and attempt to pierce Azrali's gut. 

The king was fast, so he moved out of the way, but he was not fast enough. A neat little cut formed on the fae's side, causing the beast to roar loudly. Griever used the moment to rush the smaller fae between him and Jem, who had turned their attention to him. They mostly consisted of small cats and other smaller woodland creatures, so Griever had no issues getting through them. Both of his swords were swinging wildly as he ran.

Ahead, Jem had been reduced to defending two Hawks still living, though injured. The fae were being cautious of her, despite her small frame. They had learned the same lesson Griever had about all the Hawks. 

"Jem!" Griever yelled, bursting into the area and turning to defend her back. "The king is injured but I can't keep this up forever. I'll need your help."

Jem sliced at a fae who had tried to attack and took a deep breath. "I have to keep Sarah and Penny safe! I can't just abandon them!"

Griever thought out a plan, or attempted to. The King was doing something to his side in the distance, probably healing himself in some odd way or another. But... The king didn't seem to be worried about Griever, yet he was afraid of Eternal Lion. He also saw Jem as a threat. Could there be more to this prophesy? 

It could be worth testing, but... Jem would be in danger.

"Jem, I have an idea."

"Let's hear it, then!"

Griever held Eternal Lion out in front of her. The blade seemed to glow ever so slightly, it's fae runes vibrating, but it could be his imagination. "I think you have to kill the King with Eternal Lion."

She seemed hesitant, but took the blade. Around them, the fae seemed to draw back. "What... But I don't use swords!"

Griever smiled. "No worries, I'll guide the way."

"What about the Hawks?" Jem asked, glancing behind them at the injured Hawks trying to keep themselves from bleeding out. 

Looking around, Griever saw plenty of trees. Of course. "Can you girls fight if you don't have to walk?" Both nodded, though they looked afraid underneath their masks. "Climb that tree and keep yourselves alive. If we can take the King out, we can come back for you. Just make yourselves last!"

Both of them nodded, looking determined. 

"Jem, hold them off. Just use the blade like a torch for now." Griever helped the Hawks into the tree, where they climbed up the tree with obvious difficulty. It would be dangerous for them, of course, but it was the best Griever could think of. Both him and Jem exchanged looks, both knowing they were potentially leaving them to their death, but the King was looking at them angrily in the distance. 

Silently nodding to one another, they charged towards the King.

The End

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