Griever: Kingslayer (Part 3)Mature

Griever tried to stay fighting with Jem, he truly did, but the attacking King somehow knew to go for Jem to get his attention. And with Griever paying attention to the King... Jem and the remaining Hawks were swept away into a fight for their lives. It would be a lie to say he wasn't worried, but... Griever had to take out the king. Now.

"Alone again," the king taunted, his face changing along with his hands. Jagged claws and fangs grew and the beast was upon him.

Had Griever not seen this before - had he not practiced his speed and tactics on the fae - he would have been dead. Yet, he had, so Griever ducked to the side and struck out with Eternal Lion, nearly slicing the King. The fae reacted in kind, nearly gutting Griever with his massive claw.

"So, you've gained skill, Lion," the fae snarled, looking annoyed. "What is the word that describes you?"

Griever smiled. "Handsome, smooth, manly, strong... take your pick?"

"Clever human... What is it you are... How is it said?" The fae king looked thoughtful, if his monstrous face could be read at all. "Ah, yes. What is your name, Lion?"

"I go by Griever. What is yours?" Griever stole a glance at Jem and found himself feeling more relaxed. Her and the three Hawks were having an easy time of the fae, as they seemed smaller than those that bombarded the main forces.

"Jaernuthre Demogius Azrali," the king responded, growing serious. "Now you know the name of your killer, Lion."

"I'll call you Azrali, then, cause that's a mouthful," Griever said, gritting his teeth. "Let's end this."

Sword and claw clashed. Griever flew back from the overwhelming strength, but rolled to slow himself to a stop. Azrali was on him in an instant. Beasts, the fae was fast! Griever barely managed to dodge to one side and lash out with his regular sword. 

As fast as he had closed the distance, Azrali grabbed the blade and broke it in to with a twist of his claw. Griever dropped the broken sword and gripped Eternal Lion with both hands. Things were getting interesting, but a glance at Jem told him he needed to hurry. She wouldn't last too much longer, no matter how good she had gotten, no one could last against endless waves.

The king, however, seemed to like taking his time. But... he didn't seem worried for some reason. As if he were in no danger. Overconfidence? No, Griever held Eternal Lion, a blade made to kill fae. A blade prophecy supposedly claimed to be the king's downfall. Why would he be...

Griever shook his head. He didn't have time to think about this. 

Charging, he aimed for Azrali's gut, knowing the king would dodge to one side or the other. As guessed, the beast jumped to Griever's right side. In response, Griever swung his sword out and started a flurry of attacks that pushed back the king of the fae. Though Azrali didn't seem worried all that much, he still avoided Eternal Lion at all costs. 

Good. Griever could use that. Time to finish this. 

The End

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