Griever: Kingslayer (Part 2)Mature


"Protect the King!"

"Kill him!"

"He's a monster!"

Griever grinned as the words came to him through the fighting. He stabbed a boar fae in the face and used the momentum from it's charge to throw the lifeless corpse at another. Before the momentum left, he had sliced two more fae in the gut and arm. An eagle fae tried to attack from above, but Griever dodged and sliced one of it's wings off. 

Beasts! This was fun. 

But, he had a job to do. 

An arrow flew past Griever and hit a Fae poised to attack him. Greiver killed several more Fae before he could get a chance to look toward his ally. Of course, a voice calling him a stubborn fool gave Jem away before he saw her running toward him through the Fae. Despite clearing a path for the Hawks to push forward, Jem had a tough time reaching him.

"I would tell you to go back where it's safe," Griever said while fighting, "But I know that is a bit of a rare thing right now."

Jem stabbed a Fae in the eye with her dagger and fell into place. "Where's the king?"

Griever pointed his sword to the north tower. "Just ahead. Shall we make ourselves known?"

Jem replied by hitting a fae across the face with her bow and stabbing it in its side. As the dog-fae fell, the two of them had moved to cut a path toward the location of the king. "Hawks, to me!" Jem yelled. Several Hawks replied with shouts, forming behind them, before the fae cut the group off from the main force. 

From there, it was a struggle to reach the King. three Hawks fell to the onslaught, leaving Jem and Griever with only a four left. To make matters worse, the fae seemed to stretch on forever, making the north tower closing in a comforting sight. 

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the fae thinned. The Hawks had lost another of their group to a tiger-fae, but the remaining were determined now. Griever could mourn the lost later, though. Right now, he had to focus on the figure emerging in front of him. 

The King.

The fae had reverted to his human appearance, with long hair and smooth features, but retained the multitudes of horns jutting from his body. He seemed to be at ease, too, making Griever worried.

"Stay close," he told Jem.

"Like I have a choice," she retorted, glaring at the fae surrounding them. The remaining trio of Hawks watched the beasts cautiously, weapons ready.

"Well!" the fae king said with a joyful tone. "It seems the Lion has made it here." His eyes narrowed on Jem. "And he brought something troublesome."

Griever growled. "I'm your enemy, bastard," he told the monster, "and I'll be repaying you for nearly crippling my arm!"

The fae smiled. "Ah, yes, I do remember that." He raised his hand. "Kill the others. I'll deal with the Lion." 

The Fae attacked.

The End

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