Griever: Kingslayer (Part 1)Mature

Griever ran through the dwindling battle, searching for the Fae king. He would have to rely on the others to retrieve his sword. Only he, and possibly Corin, had the skill to hold off the King, after all. And the Hawks were already losing major ground to the vastly overwhelming Fae. 

They had taken the Castle, though, and used it as a safe haven for the wounded. Luckily, the Hawks were well equipped to take on animals due to staving off predators and hunting the entire time they had been formed. If not for that... No, Griever couldn't think about possibilities. He had to focus on the goal. He was a mercenary! Not some emotional lord!

A fae jumped in front of him, slipping through the lines of the Hawks and Corin's starved men. It stopped as soon as it saw Griever, though, recognition glowing in its eyes. Griever felt the same recognition - this was the same Fae he had fought to rehabilitate his arm! 

A mass of matted fur and spikes covered the large dog-like fae, giving it a distinguishing look. Several Hawks - Selena among them, sadly - started to attack the beast but stopped when Griever ran toward the thing. 

The Fae reacted in kind, charging him. 

"I don't have time for you!" Griever growled loudly, "I've got to kill your king!"

The Fae didn't respond, but, in all fairness, Greiver didn't give it time to try. As soon as they met, Griever punched the Fae in the face, avoiding an attempted bite, and stabbed it in the chest with his knife. His sword - something he had acquired during the battle - was out a flash later, cutting the fae in half. 

Blood flew across the field, even spotting some Hawks, and the beast fell dead.

"Did the king pass by here?" Griever asked the Hawks quickly. 

Selena was stunned, so a woman named Gretchen - strong body and hard face, Griever noted - answered. "I'm guessing you mean the big one," she said, pointing toward the north tower in the distance. "He flew straight there, into the midst of his monsters."

"My thanks," Griever told her. Before he could head off, a hand grabbed his shoulder. 

"You'll be needing this," a pained voice said. 

Griever turned to see Kiara, holding a very beautiful thing; Eternal Lion. He took the sword and noted the burns on her hands, but ignored them. They didn't look serious and he had to get moving. "My thanks to you and your friend, Kiara."

With a roar, Griever pushed his way through the crowd of Hawks and emerged on the front lines, both his Eternal Lion and the nameless blade bared like tusks of a charging boar. He was a lion, though. 

Griever killed the first fae with a simple slash of Eternal Lion, using the beast's surprise against it. The rest went down with a little more difficulty. Griever fought with both blades and kicked those that tried to take his feet out from under him. He should have been focused on getting to the king, but....

He was having fun. 

How long had it been since he had a good fight? A REALLY good fight? Years, probably. And now he was surrounded by monstrosities that ranged from large wildlife to monsters from out of the fairy tales! Eternal Lion singed as it cut and stabbed, as did Greiver's heart as he fought on. He took damage, but only little cuts here and there. Other than that, he was a mad specter of death to these beasts. 

He even laughed. 

The End

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