Kate: My Kingdom for a FaeMature

"Corin... Corin what are you doing?" 

Corin was busy piling the bodies of the guards in to the cell. 

"Well, we might as well keep it cleared. No one wants to be fighting on top of bodies."

"We won't be here for much longer." I hissed, and he closed the door. 

"There, done."

I rolled my eyes, and motioned for him to follow me. Kiara had gone a while ago, to find the women, and Corin's men, most too weak to fight, were making their way to the exits. Some had bravely decided to help in the battle, but I worried that they would be too weak to be of much help. 

We crept along the halls, ears pricked for the slightest sound. Once or twice I winced; Corin was not as seasoned as me in keeping quiet. He was good, but occasionally he placed a foot a little too heavily. 

"I want them all burned!" We heard the snarl from a room up ahead and paused. It was the Sheriff's voice; I remembered it from when I was a prisoner. I felt Corin shift, as though to go past me, and put out my arm to stop him. He grunted, and I looked around the edge of my hood at him. 

"He's mine."


"Don't argue with me Corin."

"I wasn't going to. Just... don't aim for his heart. He hasn't got one."

I shot him a quick smirk, and then we moved forward, silently. The door was slightly ajar and I peered through. Inside was the Sheriff, leaning heavily on his desk. In front of him, was not a guard as I had thought, but a fae. Almost human shaped, but not quite, with blue and red scales across it's body, becoming five twisted horns in a crown shape from it's shoulders. It's head was angular, and on top were smaller versions of those horns, which made it look as though it wore a crown. 

"We will kill the men, and the women will be yours to do with as you please." It hissed. The Sheriff leered. "Tut tut, little hawk listening in." And it turned to face the door, black, soul-less eyes staring at me as though it could see in to me. It flung out it's hand and I jumped back just as the door blew off it's hinge and slammed in to the wall opposite. 

"What in the fae is that?" Corin swore. 

"No idea." I growled. "But I think we've just figured out why the fae and the Sheriff know every move we make."

"They're working together. I guessed."

"Well now we know for sure. Bastards. You ready?"

"Come out, come out little Hawk." The fae hissed again, and I readied my bow. 

"Always." Corin replied and we both jumped in to the doorway. I loosed an arrow and the fae dodged it. 

"You're wasting your time!" The Sheriff taunted. "Legend says that the fae king can only be killed by a lion! I don't see one of those in your little menagerie." The fae King hissed at the Sheriff, clearly angry, and Corin laughed. 

"As it happens, Sheriff, we do." The fae King only gave Corin a glance, before he howled and leapt through the window. I kept my bow trained on the Sheriff, who seemed to have lost his swagger now that his friend was gone, and Corin went to check on the creature. "He's climbing his way across the parapet."

"Not so brave now are you?" I shot at the Sheriff. "Not that you've ever shown any type of real courage."

"Please don't kill me. I'll do whatever you want. I swear." He cringed. 

"You think I'm going to just let you go after all that you've done?"

"I know things... I could give you money..."

"We're going to take all your money and return it to it's rightful owners anyway."

"You little bitch!" He snarled, spitting at me. "You won't kill me. You're supposed to be all good and caring. No one will think that if you kill me. I'm unarmed! You kill me and you'll be as bad as I am." I hesitated. "Yes, see you know I'm right! So you'll lock me up and try to forget about me. But I'll always be here, in the back of your mind. And one day I'll be free, and then.. oh the things I'll do to you-" He gasped, and fell back, clutching at the arrow embedded in his throat. He spluttered for a few moments, a look of shock on his face, but then he slid down to the floor, dead. 

I lowered my bow. 

"You missed his head."

"I didn't think he had much of a brain to aim at either."

Corin chuckled and put a comforting hand on my back. 

"You did it."

"We did. But it's not over yet."

"No. And there's the fae King to worry about."

"Well, the Sheriff told us how to handle him. We have to go and find Griever."

The End

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